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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rest in Peace Sherlock, a Teething Tale

Today's tale is sponsored by Gerber, but our love of their snacks is all our own!

It felt like over night my child went from two front teeth up top and two front teeth on the bottom to a kid with a mouthful of teeth. They weren't quite that smooth, there was a few rough nights of very little sleep in our home, followed by some molars appearing before any other teeth filled in. Then there was a lot of crankiness, drool, and general misery for baby as those teeth slowly made their appearance. That was the long part, then the overnight teeth start happening! Just about every day we've seen one start to show up, and we're watching our kid gnaw on everything he can get his hands on to get them through. 

He's a little bookworm these days, and he is also loving kissing pictures in certain books. What I thought was was innocent kiss turned into a massacre of one of his favorites and most-read books. Sherlock, we had a good run. 

We've tried teething toys, popsicles, and a pacifier, all which help a bit, but the best thing we've found is handing him his favorite snack and letting him slowly crunch them down until he's ready for the next. He seems so much happier, the teeth seem to break through faster, and he adores Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ immensely. Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™are a new baked snack made with the goodness of navy beans, and they have protein in addition to a delicious crunch easy for teething toddlers to munch on! 

So much so that when we headed to Walmart baby section to pick up a new container in either the Original or White Cheddar & Broccoli Cheddar variety, he gets giddy excited and likes to give them a little hug as they enter the cart.

Now whenever he's feeling cranky or tries to eat another book, I sit him in his high chair with some Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ and watch him turn into a very content child!

And PSA, you can find a coupon for Lil' Beanies at Walmart in the Ibotta app right now- snag one while supplies last!

Any other teething tips you have for me? As a new mom I am definitely all ears!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vintage Curls Using Vintage Rollers Tutorial

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®  & Suave Professionals  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SuaveBeliver #pmgSuave  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Maybe it's a love of full skirts, or maybe it's the fact that love comes from a very pear shaped body and smaller waist that lends to vintage styles fitting better, but sometimes I just love to play up 1950's/1960's styles with clothes, hair, and make-up for date nights. 

I've had a set of rollers for over a decade, they are old, they are vintage, and they still do a killer job at what they do. Plus a lower heat to help with my goals to strengthen hair postpartum and they just have me sold. It's just been the past few years I've decided to really learn how to use them. After asking several girls with great volume their secret, many have said they use hot rollers. I decided it was time to get more comfortable in the name of volume, but I've been thrilled with the luck I've had in using them for vintage curls more than anything! Today I'm going to share how to use them and best practises for keeping hair looking great! 

Step one starts long before you're putting the rollers in your hair, it starts with shampoo, conditioner, and product used to strengthen hair. There's nothing like getting the salon look and doing so on a budget, which is why picking up Suave at Walmart is such a win/win. 

Here's a few awesome stats on this amazing line! 
- Infused with B7 Biotin, a vitamin known for superior benefits to strengthen hair.
- The products are proven to strengthen as well as use Pureology® Strength Cure®. 
- The shampoo and conditioner system reduces breakage by 95% vs. non-conditioning shampoo for dramatically less hair fall and full, thick looking hair (hello other postpartum mamas, did you hear that!?!) 
- Anti-Breakage Serum makes hair is 20x stronger vs. non-conditioning shampoo.  
- Many of Suave’s collections are salon proven to “work as well as” luxury brands.

It's about as easy as can be to shampoo and condition and then apply treatment to your hair while it's wet right out of the shower. I love doing this since hot rollers spread heat throughout your hair, it's nice to worry less about breakage and know Suave has your back!

I let my hair air dry, but you can definitely blow-dry if needed. This also works well on 2nd-day+ hair, so keep this in mind if you need to push your hair in-between washing.

To start you'll want to heat your rollers. Most vintage and modern sets need at least 20 minutes to heat up and do their job, so I'd plug it in right when you wake up or get out of the shower.

After this it's all in the sectioning and rolling techniques.

I knew I could write a novel, but I thought a show instead of tell would be best, and I'm including a YouTube tutorial I created just for you guys!

So there you have it! Just a few rollers in the right direction later and a bit of styling is all it takes.

I have about the flattest, straightest hair ever and I love that even my hair can pretend it's well-behaved for a day or two since these work so well!

I also love in an era of very loose beach waves that this adds a bit of variety to going out looks.

But most of all, I love how easy it is to do and how great my hair looks on a budget thanks to Suave

Be sure to visit your local Walmart to try out all of the new 2016 Suave Professionals collections: Coconut Oil Infusion, Coconut Milk Infusion and Biotin Infusion, while supplies last.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Date Look - Loving Flairs!

We just reached cool-enough-to-wear-jeans-without-getting-heatstroke weather in Arizona. This coincidentally happened the same week I'd realized I'd lost a few pounds and inches this month (more details on what I'm doing coming soon- you know I love talking health/fitness). This exciting finding made me feel brave enough to pull out the box of pre-pregnancy jeans and bottoms I've had stashed for a year and a half. It was a miraculous day, and I zipped up several of my favorites that I tried on. That was one amazing feeling!

My pear shaped body loves flairs and bootcut jeans, so you know I'm loving watching the boho 70's trends come in, and I'm welcoming back flares with open arms! I'm glad I bought a pair the second this trend hit the runways two years ago, and even more glad they are still working for me!

I also decided to get a few date night tops that will work well for fall, and lacy bohemian tops definitely won my heart for a fun romantic look that pair great with jeans and comfy heels for more smart casual dates. And the 50% off price tag made it in my price range too!

And now to go try on the rest of those pants and see what date night looks they inspire- wish me luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Miracle Baby!

The other night as we were prepping for birthday celebrations we talked about a phrase Jacob said during one of our lowest moments of a failed infertility treatment. I cried quite a bit that month and felt pretty hopeless and asked Jacob, "Do you think we're just not meant to be parents? What if we're legitimately not able to have children? What if we can't adopt?"

Jacob usually offers a lot of hope and optimism, but he said, "That's a pretty sad thought. I don't think you can experience a fullness of joy without the experience of parenthood."

We mourned the moment, and braced ourselves for more daily appointments, blood draws, trigger shots, and more disappointment, but also kept a very little glimmer of hope for several more months.

Our story had a happy ending only a few months later, and we were shocked to learn of our miracle pregnancy and baby on the way! Today marks one year since we welcomed our little Mack into the world. We both agreed wholeheartedly that we'd describe this year as one of joy! Not that there haven't been hard moments, colic, and stress, but the happiness we've felt experiencing parenthood is something there's no way we could have ever imagined! We laugh every single day. We've felt an increased love for each other. We just adore this person more than we thought we possibly could!

It's taken several weeks, but I've seriously paired down some very full hard drives and selected the best movies and picture highlights from the year and created a movie showing just what a happy year it's been! I love Mack's cuteness, but I also love the looks and smiles on my and Jacob's faces in every single clip we have.

 (If you're reading this through a reader or email- view at THIS LINK.

Happy Birthday little boy, we're grateful everyday for our little miracle!

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