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Friday, August 28, 2015

Italian Babymoon

Once upon a time, we went to Italy for a babymoon during the 2nd trimester. It was a dream trip we've had on our list for a very long time. A travel deal came up that we just couldn't resist- we're talking cheaper round-trip tickets than a one-way to New York amazing! It was booked in a blink before the deal expired, it was planned, and it was a simpler time before we had found the dream home, put an offer on it, and went into chaotic frantic pack-sell-move mode. It was before I had gestational diabetes, and I could indulge in all the pizza and pasta I wanted. I also only looked a little pregnant and could hide it pretty well under a trench coat and certain clothes. I could lift myself up out of chairs, walk all day long, wear just about any shoes, and I felt great! If you want to babymoon abroad, do it in your 2nd trimester! 

I've kind of put off blogging about Italy thinking it would be great content to put up while baby comes and I take a little "maternity leave" from blogging weekly events for a week or two while I figure that whole keep-baby-alive thing. As I've started editing all the pictures I'm realizing there's plenty to share, and maybe two post a week mixed in with other content is really the way to go! 

Venice Italy

I can't wait to share our daily guides, how we did this on a budget, tips for traveling pregnant, and what we think is really worth the time and money in Italy! So stay tuned friends, lots of Italia and a much smaller Camille coming in the days ahead!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

36 Weeks
Baby is the size of a honeydew
Dress: Target, Shoes: similar, Scarf: similar, Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique
A little tired these days, and a lot of stress! I feel like I have a million things to do before baby comes and I'm trying hard to mow down the list and do all I can to prep! 

I'm still feeling huge and learning at this phase in the game any small indulgence can really help you feel better! This blingy number that's c/o Happiness Boutique has fit the bill for me and helped me like something somewhat detracts from the huge belly! 
They offer free shipping, have an incentive program, and do regular giveaways. I love having a Euro necklace with a unique look, particularly to get me through these last couple weeks of feeling huge and needing a fun pick-me-up with fashion! Not to knock you 8 maternity outfits I constantly wear, but something needed an update along the way. 

Body Changes: 
I actually lost a lb last week, then gained 2 at my visit yesterday. I'm relieved after several weeks of no gain, and the doctor told me I'm right on track and looking healthy. That was great to hear! 

Contractions started this week. We were out on Friday and I got out of the car and almost fell over with my first strong, painful contraction! I had another shortly after and seriously thought labor was coming early. luckily it stopped after those two. I'm not dilated, and the doctor thinks I'll be on time, but it's crazy to start having these changes and realize my body is prepping for the big day! The pressure changes of monsoons in Arizona aren't helping tons either. It's probably time to pack that hospital bag just in case! 

I'm sleeping better this week, feeling pretty exhausted most nights. We had two family emergencies this week, one on both sides, and I'll write a separate post about those because they've been humbling events that have really impacted me. Between a lot of stress and tears and fear I've been pretty wiped out and sleeping pretty soundly at night with one bathroom trip only. 

I'm still walking every day. I've had to take the treadmill down in speed a bit from time to time, but I'm still determined to fit this in until the very end! 

Dairy. My dietician said I could do more milk with the gestational diabetes since my blood sugar counts have been low and I've REALLY wanted it. I'm so happy to be buying Costco size amounts again! I also discovered the frozen yogurt place by our house sells three kinds of sugar free flavors, so that seems to be a constant craving these days! 
Baby Update: 
I saw him on an ultrasound yesterday and for the first time got a glimpse of most of his face- he usually has at least one hand on it so we've only seen a few pieces here or there. The hand was high on his forehead so we got to see most of the face in one shot and learned he has my lips and chubby cheeks, and Jacob's nose and forehead. They even saw some hair! It's looking like peach fuzz, but we'll know for sure when he gets here! They checked all his organs and it's looking like all systems are a go and he would be healthy if he were born any day! It was such a relief to hear he's doing so well that we aren't worried about a c-section, and the GD hasn't taken a toll on either of us so far. 
I'm so glad he's healthy and ready to go, but I still need two weeks to prep, so we'll just let him add another lb. and hold tight a little longer! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Canon Rebel + 2 lenses + Kate Spade Spade Giveaway

A group of fabulous bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you a really fun giveaway. We're so grateful for all your support! We're rewarding one precious follower with a grand package worth $1,500! The package includes a Canon Rebel camera body, 2 lenses, strap, camera bag, tutorial DVD, and other camera accessories. PLUS a Kate Spade handbag and wallet with chain. You can up your photography game and fashion game in one fail swoop! 

Open to international contestants but international winner will be responsible for shipping and applicable custom fees to be paid prior to shipping. Contest ends on September 6th, 2015. 

To enter follow the widget below! Best of luck! 

Canon Rebel Package + Kate Spade

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks
Baby is the size of a coconut
Shirt: Thrifted (similar), Skirt: Loft, Black T: Similar, Belt: similar, Shoes: Teva

Big! I'm starting to really feel like we're on the home stretch. Baby is measuring a full week ahead of schedule, I'm starting to have some contractions, and I'm feeling like my organs are always incredibly squished. 

Body Changes: 
I lost my belly button this week, it's officially flush with my skin. I have a super deep innie, so I wasn't sure the day would come, but it definitely has! 

I've had several Dr.'s appointments this week, and they have confirmed I'm not gaining weight since the gestational diabetes diagnosis. Apparently having no room to eat and then only eating veggies and meat is keeping things in check. I'm a little worried, but my doctor isn't so far, so that's a good thing! The good news is the baby is measuring healthy and ahead, so at least he's getting what he needs. 

I'm starting to feel less comfortable at night and it's waking me up a bit more. I still feel super lucky that I'm sleeping as well as I am! I even got some form of cold/ear infection this week and it's only waking me up once or twice when I can't breathe well. Hopefully I'll go back to sounder sleep when this clears up. 

I'm walking daily, and I'm trying to still do squats even though I fear I won't be able to get up one of these days. I've also been swimming quite a bit and it always feels great! It's good to know I can always swim no matter how big I get and it will be forgiving. 

Tacos and ice. I actually have had little to no appetite lately, so I'm grateful for the few days I've really wanted a taco! 

Baby Update: 
He's super active these days and it makes me happy he's so healthy! Gestational diabetes is a crazy thing that can cause a lot of guilt/worry/risk and every appointment where they say he sounds great, we're measuring well, he's fine, and he's super active just makes me sigh some relief! There's a higher risk for a c-section, so I've had that on my mind and stressed it quite a bit. I'm happy to hear so far so good! 

Jacob let me know he's so active that often when I fall asleep on his shoulder when we watch TV or a movie at night he can see my stomach moving from side to side. He's baffled how it doesn't phase me, but I guess this little guy is always on the go, so I'm so used to it that if it's not a direct kick to the rib, I'm happy to go with it and sleep through it. 


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