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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mesa Temple Lights

Date Info: 
Mesa Temple Christmas Lights 
Price: Free  
Location: Mesa Arizona LDS (Mormon) Temple 

Remember how I warned you last post that Christmas was coming this week? Don't worry, this is the last truly holiday based post, there's one more, but it was an activity over the holidays and could be done any time. 

I had to sneak this one in, because it's such a good reminder to me to fit in some quality time together wherever you can, even if only for an hour! The holidays seem to be such a romantic time, but also a hectic time where going on a date is almost unheard of. We had an event for a friend one night and realized it was going to bump date night. The more we talked about it, the more we mapped out our plan of action for the night and realized we could fit in just about one hour to go see light together. I'm really glad we did, even a precious hour makes all the difference! 

The Mesa, Arizona Mormon temple does an excellent light display each year with musical performances from organizations throughout the valley. It really is a treat and something we do whatever we can not to miss! 

It's really the perfect place to get you in the Christmas spirit, and it doesn't cost a thing!

I may love most of all that it gets you in the right kind of Christmas spirit and helps bring the spiritual aspect of Christmas to the forefront of my mind.

They run Thanksgiving to New Year's each year, rain or shine, and anyone who wants to visit is welcome!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Holiday Parties 2014

We're mixing it up around these parts and trying to start taking more video of dates. Consequently, last week's date is taking a little more time to get together, and we'll post it soon, but not a week later like I normally do! I knew I had a date from December I missed, so I combed through files today and low and behold, there were actually a few holiday dates I failed to post. I'm apologizing in advance, but you'll see two holiday events this week. I like to get them out there for our historical record even when it's a month late.

Today let's talk about holiday parties. We feel really lucky to have jobs that really like to celebrate at the end of the year, and spoil their employees with fancy parties. We've never had a year where we both had this from our employers, so this year we enjoyed dressing up twice and eating some truly remarkable food!

Our first was Jacob's office party. It wasn't kosher to have a camera out there, so we only snapped one at home before we took off.
The dress code was "Holiday Attire" and we honestly had no clue what that meant. We thought we'd err on the side of fancy. I'm here to tell you our suit and cocktail dress barely cut it. Next year we'll go fancier!

We did really enjoy the celebration of employees and achievements. They had an awesome slideshow celebrating births, homes, moves, graduations, weddings, new employees, etc. It was cool to see! It was also at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and we had a few minutes to peak around. We'll definitely be heading there on Friday Friday for a free date night sometime soon!

The following weekend was my company party. We snapped a few pics at home before the event. My company is a little more jovial and light hearted, and I guess we were already in that mood while taking a few. Don't mind that it was really dark this night!

I posted all about our party last year, including my celebrity chef talent crush on Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco. I'm not alone, Oprah, Rachel Ray, and Bon Appetit all think he's the best in the U.S., just to name a few. I wrote a post about why he's so great that you can read about here. Last year I chickened out and didn't even talk to him. I'd heard from our partners who know him as personal friends he rarely comes, so I felt so sad I'd blown my chance.
But guess what, he showed up again! This time Jacob was determined I wouldn't chicken out and I'd nab a picture with him. You guys, THIS HAPPENED!

And his food was once again divine!

I'm so grateful I work with some truly smart, talented, and hilarious people. It was insisted I take a pic with the 1960's PA system, since I seemed to match it. How could I not?

But as much as I enjoy my coworkers, amazing food, and lots of fun, I still always appreciate the time I get to see this handsome devil in his custom suit most of all. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Camille Keeps it Real- Volume 1

For some reason I feel the strong need to make a confession today. I took the day off work to celebrate my birthday and I had every intention of finishing a bunch of blog posts and vacation pictures. But then something inside of me said, "Hey let's chop our hair and go update the belt wardrobe! Maybe even throw some enchiladas in the mix."

I feel the need to admit what went down today through cell phone images. 

 The good news is there will be much better looking belts in future pics. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Phoenix Mural Tour

Date Info: 
Mural Tour of a Major City
Price: Free  
Location: Central Phoenix for ours, but any major city has plenty of murals to tour 
Tips: Map it out before you go! The website list isn't in geographical order. I'd map out your own route so you can cover more in less time. 

One day I stumbled across an article from the Phoenix New Times on the 40 Favorite Murals in Phoenix and thought how cool it would be to spend a day visiting all the murals and snapping pictures. We contacted Photography-Hill and booked one of most creative free dates to date! 

Murals are such a cool art form, and I love that there's so many businesses and locations in Central and Downtown Phoenix that proudly support it! 
Phoenix Murals

I think enough said, and I'll let the pictures do the talking!
Downtown Phoenix Murals


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