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Friday, March 27, 2015

Anniversary #4: Documenting the Highlights of Our Fourth Year Together

I love one of our traditions we do every year- take anniversary pictures. We make sure each year to bring a chalkboard and list some of our highlights/accomplishments of the year so we can always remember the big moments in our lives, that take place year by year. 

So without further adieu, here's what we did "in our fourth year of marriage" 
 "In our fourth year of marriage we..."
 "Visited 7 states!"
 "Saw one of the 7 wonders of the world- Machu Picchu Peru!"
 "Toured The White House"
 "Mountain biked through the Andes"
"Learned to believe in miracles" 
"After years of failed fertility treatments..."
"We found out about our own miracle...
Baby Whiting due September 2015!"

Anniversary #4: Part 1

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Anniversary #4 Photoshoot: Part 1

Date Info: 
Annual Anniversary Pictures 
Price: Price of photographer 

We had this crazy idea our first anniversary that we should take family pictures every year around our anniversary. The plan is to have a wall in our home someday full of pictures showing us age each year and our family growing and changing. I love a lot of the traditions we've made together, but I think this one may take the cake for me! We do two outfit changes- a more formal and a more casual, and we like to take a chalkboard with us and write up the top events from the year. That post is coming tomorrow, and it was a good fourth year so stay tuned! 

Today I'm happy to share our favorite casual pics taken by our dear friend who has done this for us every year, even the year we were engaged, Anne Marie


Because so many have asked here's the links to where I got my outfit: 
Shirt: Anthropologie, Skirt: Forever21 (similar), Shoes: Toms

Here's a few blasts from the past: 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best Burrito in Los Angelos

Date Info: 
La Azteca- Voted Best Burrito in L.A. 
Price: $8
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Website: La Aztec 

Sunday morning we woke up in Hollywood and planned to go to church. I've heard there are many Mormon celebrities in the Hollywood ward, and ironically that's right were we were headed. Much to our surprise, they had switched times the week before and we showed up to the Spanish ward. No problem, Hablamos Espanol! It was one of the most friendly welcoming places I've ever been. I absolutely loved watching everyone hug, meet new people, come welcome to two white gringos on the back bench, and just seem generally happy to be there. Oh if all churches could be like that! 

Speaking Spanish and listening to talks in Spanish got us in a mood for Mexican food. My friend had told us to try the Chili Relleno Burrito at a cafe in L.A. voted the best Burrito in L.A. the day before, and we couldn't get it off our minds! 

La Azteca was so authentic, everything is made from scratch, the tortillas are to die for, and the chili relleno burrito really is amazing!

Canon Rebel T5i Giveaway

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday. What better way to celebrate making it half way through the week than with a giveaway?! 
My favorite thing to giveaway is a DSLR- they are awesome products and really have a way of changing your photography game and capturing your life. I'm so excited to team up with some awesome people to bring you a T5i!
It's an amazing feeling to send off such an amazing camera to one of you guys, knowing what a massive difference it will make for your blog or shop, or just every-day photography in general:) Even better than that though, is introducing so many of you to this group of such lovely shops, and such hard-working and inspiring woman! I can't tell you how relationships online have influenced my life for the better, so make sure to take a minute and go say hi!
Dressing Dallas      |     Emma Cristy      |     Hello Rigby     |     Dottie Box
I'm so privileged to have the support of such an awesome group! There are so many involved because we wanted to amp up the prize package, so settle in with a favorite beverage or snack and don't miss out on any of the many entries! You never know which one could be the winning pick!! Here we go:

A couple specs about the giveaway:
- the giveaway will run for ten days after which the winner will be selected at random, contacted, and announced via this post, the post of the day, and all social media outlets! Please check all those places before asking weeks later who won? :)
- Again this is open internationally! hooray!
The winner will receive the Canon Rebel T5i in a kit with an 18-135mm lens, a battery and a battery charger, camera case, tripod, SD card, lens cleaner, and lens hood:) 
- Winner's entry will be verified before the public announcement.


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