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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

23 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a grapefruit
Dress: DownEast Basics (similar, similar), Shoes: Last Chance (similar) Necklace: (similar

Feeling: A little tired, but I've worked hard doing home projects and cleaning all week long, so totally reasonable! I'm had a lot of energy, and I guess I am just using as much as possible to prep everything in my life right now. Nesting- apparently it's a real thing! 

Body Changes: I gained a lb. this week, I think my belly grew several inches (I swear it) and definitely got rounder! I'm still lucky to not see stretch marks, and grateful that even though I haven't taken the gestational diabetes test, I at least feel pretty sure I don't have it, even with my insulin resistance. They've kept me on my medication throughout pregnancy, and I'm so grateful! 

One random change- I have a sister with three kids who swears her hair changed color to match their hair color with each pregnancy. All her kids are blond, but have different shades and textures. If I'm anything like her I think I'm also having a Blondie! I've been getting this fun little highlight in my hair that is looking blonder each time I look. 

I'm also swelling. I'm wearing my ring less these days and my fake more. I also worked so hard on Memorial Day on home projects I actually went and got a pedicure just to help with the foot swelling. I'm convinced that's God's gift to pregnant women, because it felt amazing and totally worked! My feet were back to normal in a few hours. 

Sleeping: Like a rock this week! Apparently all that hard work during the day is wiping me out enough to sleep through the night every night! 

Fitness: I've fit in some walks and done some resistance, but I've mostly been using all my time and energy to fix up the house, clean, pack up some stuff, and haul stuff away. I am counting it as a workout because my feet have swollen most nights, so clearly I'm doing something wrong! 

Craving: This was the first week where nothing was too strong. He's wanting healthier food these days and produce is always sounding good, particularly summer fruit. I'm not downing cereal every day for the first time. I'd say Caesar salad has been a craving. We had it on Sunday at a family dinner and when we ran out I felt like crying. I've consumed quite a bit this week! 

Baby Updates: I'm still feeling a lot of movement, particularly after I down a cold glass of chocolate milk. There's even pronounced kicks- and they are getting stronger! 

Apparently this is the week his face is done forming and he's ready to put some fat on. I am bracing myself to get bigger each week, but really, I'm down to only 17 weeks which I know will fly by! It's probably time this skinny little guy put on some weight! 

He has eyebrows and eyelashes now, and is forming nipples- yep, thank you pregnancy app for that one! I'm amazed to peek ahead and see from here it's mostly just growing big enough and getting fat enough. I can't believe I'm only about a month from the 3rd trimester, it's kind of amazing what a little miracle these babies are and how quickly they develop! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lemon Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries with Vanilla Infused Sugar

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SpringIntoFlavor #CollectiveBias

We have been finding a few ways to get fancy with food at home. Ever since trying vanilla infused sugar on sweet potato fries with a variety of other flavors at a fancy restaurant in Las Vegas, we've been thinking of versions we could re-create at home. I'm so excited to share a recipe that's easy, simple, and absolutely delicious using only 4-5 ingredients, including Alexia Sweet Potato Fries
1 package Alexia Sweet Potato Fries
1/2-1 cup powdered sugar
1 fresh lemon
1/4 tsp. rosemary
Vanilla bean

The first thing to do it preheat the oven, and bake your Alexia Sweet Potato Fries as directed on the package. These are excellent because they use high quality, natural ingredients.

They are also easy to find in the frozen veggies/potatoes section at Walmart. 

While you're waiting the 20 minutes to cook, you can easily make the sauce, the vanilla sugar, and clean everything up ready to go. 

Start with the sauce you'll drizzle on the top. In a small bowl add 1/4 cup powdered sugar. 

Squeeze in half a fresh lemon, add rosemary, and whisk together.

You want the sauce to be thick enough to drizzle but not clumpy. If it's running thin add a TBSP of powdered sugar at a time until you get a slow drizzle.

Let's talk vanilla infused sugar. You can buy this stuff if you want to make things easy, it's at most fine food stores. You can also get a vanilla bean, cut open, scrape a little out, and mix with about 2 TBSP of powdered sugar. If you want it really vanilla infused, leave it in a container with the rest of the bean overnight. Even a little goes a long way, and if you're feeling like you want to skip this and just use a little powdered sugar, that works too. 

When your fries are hot out of the oven, go ahead and plate them on the dish you want to serve them on. Assemble the sauce and powdered sugar ready to go. 

Sprinkle the vanilla-infused powdered sugar on top of the fries first.

Next, drizzle the lemon rosemary sauce on top, be sure to let a little spill over on the sides.

That's all there is to it! Enjoy this simple, delicious, gourmet style side at home in less than 30 minutes!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Memories: Discover Boating

I absolutely love the Memorial Day Holiday! I love both the deep and the shallow aspects of the day. To the service men and women who have died honoring my country, I love taking a moment to reflect on all I have because of you. I also like to think of my grandpa who died a few years after service due to radiation exposure from the atomic bomb in Japan in WWII. He stayed to serve and help people after. He was an amazing man, and he's actually the guy I plan to name my son after! But that's a big story for another post that will come when we get closer to baby time!

Because I have two amazing grandparents who served in combat, I often turn my thoughts to family this day. I think of the greatest memories I've had in my life have come from quality family time enjoying fun activities together. This includes my parents and siblings, and also my date time with my husband.

My parents decided when I was young that they would splurge and buy a boat. They told us all very clearly that they wanted us to grow up and remember the fun times we had together, and they knew if we went boating almost every week as a family, we would definitely obtain these memories!

Boating season always kicked off on Memorial Day, when the weather was a little warmer, when school was ending, and when dad had work off and could actually go with his wife and six children. We would make a bunch of sandwiches, buy the chips we rarely bought, make a special treat, and load up the towels and life jackets. We spent time learning to water ski, get roughed up on a tube, and jumping off the boat about a million times to wear us all out. We loved every minute of it!

Most our family vacations were spent at Lake Powell in Utah, where we'd live on a houseboat for a week and take our boat along too for water skiing. We always went with my cousins, who are all brilliant hilarious souls, and we would all laugh together and have the best time of our lives. Sure there was the crazy storm where we thought we may die, or the time the coyotes tried to invade the houseboat, or sleeping on top of the boat and watching the bats fly 10 feet overhead to eat the bugs. But mostly, I remember the peaceful waves, the bonfires on shore with my family all around me, and the perfect vacation where you could relax/party/and always have something fun to do at any given time.

Jacob has been blessed with many friends who have invited him for boating trips through the years, and he is definitely better than I am by far at any water sport! I'm so glad we've had the opportunity to share some fun boating memories together. I'm also grateful that a few years ago my brother who lives in our area decided he wanted the same boating memories for his family that my family and his wife's family had growing up, and bought a boat. We've only been able to go a few times, but last Memorial Day was one of them! We loved being on the lake watching nieces and nephews smile, laugh, and truly enjoy the quality time together! I also loved that my childhood memories were being recreated with my favorite guy!

This year we'll be busy with some home projects, but boating will always be a fun date idea, a fun family date, and a fun memory I treasure!

Anyone else have awesome boating memories? Do you have another fun family activity that you cherish as a sweet memory now? I'd love to hear!

Thank you to Discover Boating for sponsoring today’s post and helping me remember so many awesome childhood memories! #discoverboating

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

22 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a papaya  

Shirt: Anthropologie, Skirt; Forever21, Shoes: Last Chance (similar, similar
Feeling: Good again this week! I've had a lot of energy and I'm definitely feeling the nesting settle in! We purchased a used nursery set and spent the weekend redoing it- I can hardly wait for that post to go live! We still need to touch up a few places, but operation hipster nursery is under way! (I'm just accepting that my kid will be wearing mini cardigans and colored pants and living in a uniquely painted crib). 

I've been a little tired, but we've pushed it hard with some home projects and with the nursery. I'm looking forward to a long weekend, but we may have a big life event happening aside from the baby that may take a lot of time and energy too! In the mean time I'm going to enjoy mostly feeling energetic and not being too big to slow me down too much! 

Body Changes: I didn't weigh myself last week, and this week it looked like I've gained 1-2 lbs over the past few weeks. I'm back up to about 13 lbs gained and I'm glad! I can see the belly getting rounder and more pronounced. I'm also having some itchy skin even with all the special creams and oils. 

One more not-so-fun symptom- a little swelling! My body is really sensitive to hot and cold, and consequently my wedding ring is always too loose in the winter and too tight in the summer. It's heating up a little in AZ and every morning is a big question of whether my ring will fit. I have a fake I can wear, but I'm sad that I've already had one day I've had to wear it. Hopefully I can hang onto my normal ring for one more month and make it through this second trimester! 

Sleeping: It's been getting a little harder to stay comfortable since the belly and baby got a little bigger the past two weeks. 

Don't worry, crazy dreams are still happening! The best one this week included attending a traditional Indian wedding in India where my younger sister was part of the wedding party. All the guys were hitting on her and I warned her she may not want to get involved in this. She decided to keep dating every guy there and learned to Bollywood dance, which ended in her hitting a large candle while dancing and burning a good chunk of hair. She instantly had this haircut and rocked it might I add! After the wedding everyone left and Jacob and I stayed to tour the country with my parents. We got stuck in a serious earthquake where I was trying to save everyone with my earthquake training drills I learned in elementary. Jacob woke me up mid dream panic to say goodbye while leaving earlier for work that morning. I told him I was in shock from being in an earthquake in my dream, kissed him, and dozed off in two seconds. He loves to tease and started shaking the bed which made me wake up for good in a panic! That funny punk I married! 

Fitness: I'm walking a lot more than running, but I've been including interval training lots. I've heard squats are great prep for delivery, so I've been doing a lot of them lately! I'm still doing pilates and that's still feeling awesome too! 

Craving: I feel like this child is constantly trying to get me to do the "Gallon Challenge" this week. I've drank more milk in one week than I think I ever have! I'm trying to drink mostly organic which come in half gallons, and Costco sized purchases aren't quite lasting an entire week with me. Milk always sounds good, plain, on cereal, or chocolate, I'm always a fan these days! 

I've also really wanted beef, specifically hamburgers. In-N-Out has been visited twice this past week, and I'm not complaining about that! 

Baby Updates: According to pregnancy apps, he's grown from six inches to about 11-12 in the past two weeks! It's amazing how they do these huge growth spurts and then calm down for a while. I'm bracing myself to be a little tired in a few weeks when they put on a lot of fat all in one week! 

I am feeling him move every day. Mostly when I eat cold food or at night when I'm calming down and getting ready to sleep. He likes to kick, he gets pretty excited after I drink chocolate milk, and I constantly feel him shifting around. He also seems to be more opinionated which side I lean on. We're having to switch up where I sit next to Jacob so I can still cuddle up to him without someone getting upset their head is getting a little bit of pressure! 

We are both still watching our four videos from the ultrasound on repeat, and enjoying the picture of him asleep bent in half. 

We both keep commenting how in love with this little guy we are, and even though ultrasound pics can be kind of creepy, when it's your own baby, it's amazing how cute and miraculous you think everything is! 


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