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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Couple's Watercolor Class from Beth Allen Art

Date Info: 
Watercolor Date Night Class from Beth Allen Art 
Price: $42
Location: Various locations in East Valley, Arizona 
Time: 3 hours 

If you haven't heard of Beth Allen you should stop what you're doing and check out this amazing lady! She's had a little buzz around her the past few months with a few big names in blogging discovering her and name-dropping Beth as one of their favorite artists. I've loved reading about her online, but I've loved meeting her at Alt in June and becoming friends with her even more! She's amazing, ridiculously talented, so sweet, and her paintings and prints have true meaning. 

One of the amazing things she's started doing as of late, is hosting a couple's date night which includes water color lessons with supplies provided, complete with romantic ambiance and delicious food provided by her amazingly talented husband Jared- the man behind Proof Bread
Watercolor Class Date Night

Beth is so charismatic, we really had fun just hearing her speak about how to mix paint and color.
Beth Allen Art Watercolor Class

It was such a great night, full of some excellent couples! Do you spy the amazing Alex of Ave Styles or Anjie from Yellow Bungalow Shop? Reachel of Cardigan Empire, Kayla of Freckles in April, and many other talented AZ ladies graced us with their presence too!
Outdoor couple's party

Quote- Beth Allen Art
Date Night by  Beth Allen Art

We all brought a little food to share and basked in the end of summer produce.

We brought the cheese plate. It went perfect with the Proof Bread from Jared!

I know it sounds stalker-ish, but I could just watch other couples enjoying their time together all night and have an amazing time. Happy marriages, it's one of the greatest things in the world! 
Couple's Date Night- Beth Allen Art Watercolor Class

Beth Allen Art Date Night Class

We tried our hang off to the side so we could snag our own private table and have some quality one-on-one time. That's also one of my favorite things in life!
Romantic Painting Class

Watercolor Class- Romantic Date Night

We both chose flowers for our muse, and decided we should definitely try free-hand painting more often! It's not as hard as it looks.
Couple's Water Color Class- Beth Allen Art

Beth is doing classes in Arizona about once a month. You just have to show up and enjoy the food, talent, and one romantic date night with her artistic touch leaving no detail untouched.
Beth Allen Art Class

Beth Allen Art date night water color

And did I mention I love watching couples in love? Here's the woman herself sneaking in a slow dance with her husband. They are such an amazing couple, and trust me, they are one artistic couple you want to support! 
Beth Allen Art and Proof Bread
Beth even has a class coming up this weekend if you're looking for something to do- check it out here

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Powers of Lame

Want to know what question I get asked a lot that I've never answered or blogged about?

What was your first date?

I am hesitant to answer this often, because of all the things we've done in our time together, of all the cool activities we did as friends in group settings, our first date seems a little lame.

I'll come back to this opener, I promise, just stick with me here.

The second question I get most often is how we met. Answer: a lame church dance neither of us wanted to go to. We were the wing-man and wing-woman for friends. I tried to assert myself with the occasional banter as the 3rd wheel to a friend and a guy who seemed to mutually be digging each other. I don't know what I said, but I was trying to be funny. I heard a witty reply to it from behind me, turned around, and even in the dark room I could see a tall, skinny, smiley man. This took me back, as my perception of funny guys is they typically developed-an-awesome-personality to compensate for lower self-esteem in another area. At least that was my story in junior high, "Well self, we're going to have to learn to be funny, because people just aren't going to come flocking to that weird cowlick and large set of thighs." Surprisingly, I had great self-esteem growing up. I just saw this as the reality of life. The really beautiful people often don't develop the funny personality because they get attention without it. Every now and then, you find either a late bloomer or someone completely oblivious to their looks who think they need to develop a stronger sense of humor, and I was pleasantly surprised the night I met Jacob that he fell into this category.

We talked all night, he committed me to going to his church the next day, and he made sure to save me a seat. I went home thinking how I didn't hold back an ounce of my weirdness, and he stayed. I've never clicked with anyone that fast in all my life.

The story stops there, because that's how we met. But I love how almost everyone I tell this story to in person adds, "And it was happily ever after from there." I kind of do that weird head scratch thing I do when I'm not sure what to say. But I usually add, "Well, after 4 months of drama, each of us was convinced the other person was in love with or dating someone else, but somehow miraculously stayed friends. There was also a moment where a friend asked Jacob his feelings and he tried to play it cool which made him come off as a total jerk using me, a month of me avoiding him, a strong spiritual feeling I still needed his friendship in my life and to be nice, and several weird months of kind of dates later, there was dating. It took close to a year to get to this point. Dating also involved a lot of conversations and hard moments dealing with my abusive past, my lack of belief in love and marriage, and a lot of hard work with him at his first job working grueling hours. As well as me teaching by day and getting an MBA by afternoon, evening, all hours of the night, and also the weekend. There was a lot of figuring out how two independent upper-20-somethings make room in their lives for someone else.

Let's go back to our first date. I was just getting into the phase of feeling like I should be friends with Jacob, after some heartache feeling like he never liked me and was just using me because he liked the attention. I had just barely let him in as a distant friend, so when he told me he wanted to chat about someone he was concerned about, I didn't think he was asking me on a date. When we walked into a nicer restaurant, I still didn't think it was a date. When he picked up the check after dinner, I thought, "Wait, what? He's never done this before!" I think that was when I realized we were alone, not with a group, and that he'd even picked me up at my house. I only half thought it was a date. And then when he suggested we go to a movie, I raised one eyebrow. When we got to the ticket counter, and he paid for two seats it hit me, I was on a date. It took almost two hours into our first date to realize we were on a date. I apologize at this point for all hopeless romantics whose jaws are dropped at this point. It is very true, I had no idea we were on a date until it was more than half over. It was incredibly lame as far as dating stories go.

I'd also love to tell you we went and saw an epic movie together, one that will date a year and will go down in history. I guess that could be true if you're a legit Michael Jackson fan. But really, "This Is It" will always be a sweet memory of a movie with a nearly empty theater and two people laughing pretty hard at some of funny things MJ said and did during the filming and maybe some sing-along/dance-along moments happened too.

I've thought a lot recently about how to try to give readers that story of epic meeting, hard and fast falling in love, and a very romantic courtship, but the truth is, it just isn't there! We're kind of lack-luster romance story. The two people who go on a romantic date each week and really are blessed with a great marriage have a very un-romantic story.

The more I reflect on this, the happier my meeting/first date story make me. It was just all kind of lame and calm. Why would that make me happy? Because I realize what a power there is in lame. It doesn't have to be the greatest pick-up line at a grocery store, or an epic blind date, or serving together in the Peace Corps in a 3rd world country. It can be a mundane dance wearing t-shirts and jeans, and the love of your life can just show up. You don't have to know they are for you when you meet, it can take months to even figure out if you should go on a date. That can still make someone right for you. Skydiving, cooking-classes, and dinners at hip restaurants are wonderful and exciting first date stories. But a trip to a movie theater to see a low-grossing movie can also yield the same spark of love. And, if you don't even realize your first date is a date, that's totally fine too. Love really does often hit when we least expect it, where we least expect it.

I love that love finds us in the right places at the right time. I love a good story as much as the next, but I also love that we're writing an exciting story together now. Life isn't a romantic comedy where it ends at that exciting first kiss or a proposal. Real love comes from some pretty mundane, lame moments. It's the moments where we do chores together, talk about our weaknesses and fears, or even help clean up barf from the flu that I see that real love is just beaming through life. Those lame moments that you don't typically share with others, those are where the true love and romance are. And so friends, there are the top questions I'm asked, and the answer is something I think just took some time and maturity for me to realize. We have the lamest, most beautiful love story in the world, because it is real, and because it is ours.

The older I get, the more I continue to realize just how beautiful the powers of lame are.

....and how dated using the word "lame" makes me. So here's your reward for reading an absurd amount of the word "lame"- a few pictures of awkward almost-dating, and just-barely dating baby Camille and Jacob!

*Our friends had a thing for formal dinner parties, and consequently that's when we took pics!

Friday, October 17, 2014

12 Months of Dates: August: Jersey Boys

I'm a little behind in the date posting. It was worth it to get Peru documented! Still a little more to come on that, but the travelogue is out there at least! But let's spend a few days playing catch up shall we? I have dates from August to blog, so it is definitely time! 

Last Christmas I gave Jacob some envelopes with dates to use throughout the year. I love to add a Broadway play to the list, so I snagged some Jersey Boys tickets while they were at Gammage in August. It's always fun to go to plays, and awesome to enjoy some indoor dates when Arizona is unbearably hot! 

We brought along Lydia of Photography Hill to help us get some shots that aren't our normal routine go-to poses. And as always, were very pleased!
Seriously, it was an excellent play! For those sensitive to language, there was that. We didn't think too much of it- lower class boys from Jersey trying to bust into the music scene- that's about right. It really is an amazing story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and how they came to be. Listening to the songs and the stories behind them was really excellent, and we'd definitely go see this one again! Plus many elderly people singing along, you just can't beat it!

We also have to give it to Lydia, she truly captured our awkwardness, errr, maybe my awkwardness when Jacob tries to be romantic and unexpected.

She even showed us their dance moves, and then we tried to recreate based off her. It was like a game of charades gone very wrong!

But really, how else do you dance to their big hits like "Big Girls Don't Cry" or "Sherry?" No seriously, we obviously have no clue!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guest Post/Collaboration Month

I recently decided that I wanted to be a little more involved in the blogging community, and that I was going to put myself out there a little more and connect with other bloggers outside of the AZ Blogger Meetup.

Around this time I decided I was going to make some time for guest posting. I had a new friend and then two of my favorite people approached me about teaming up for some projects. I was excited for a new adventure, and thrilled to team up with my two friends. I adore them both, and I honestly believe one day a fertility treatment will work and when I'm recovering from having quintuplets they will both single handedly manage this blog for me in return. Right ladies? Tap, tap, is this thing on?

Plus true friends make weird hand gestures in every pic they have together. It's a thing. Trust me.
Kayla, me, Jen
First up was the new adventure! I recently met the amazingly talented Marily of I Heart AZ. If you haven't checked this site out and you're in AZ you need to change your ways! You'll be in the know of so many things to do/eat/see/experience and they often provide great deals! I was so flattered when she asked me to blog about some of my favorite Arizona dates. Feel free to check out that post here:

I Heart AZ: Top 5 Arizona Date Night Ideas

Around this time my friend Kayla, who you may remember as half of team Camayla, asked for some collaborations with some Babble posts. She's uber talented with amazing ideas, and in a former life I fashion blogged, so it's always fun to work with her.

The first was a post she did on DIY Halloween Costumes. Let's just say I've giggled for days about the accurate description of me having a mellow husband who goes along with my ideas! You can read that post here:

21 DIY Costumes Adults Can Rock This Halloween

She also granted me an illustrious modeling career that started and stopped in one day, just a few days before she delivered her adorable baby girl! As fate would have it, a texted pic of me in the girl's section of Target wearing a fur vest and asking if I could pull it off would result in a super fun collaboration!

8 Ways Anyone Can Wear a Faux Fur Vest This Fall

My final collaboration I have a special place in my heart for. My friend Jen hosted an entire month dedicated to marriage on her blog. She sent the same questionnaire to seven different bloggers whose marriages she admired, asking for experiences and lessons learned. They are so excellent, we've all been married different lengths of time with different trials, and it's awesome to see so many common themes! Seriously great stuff throughout the entire month! I think I probably got more personal in my responses to Jen than I have on this space of mine! Feel free to read all my dirt here:

Marriage Month: Interview With Camille From Friday We're in Love

So there you have it friends, what I've been up to behind the scenes in the blogging community!

Want to collaborate on something? Hit me up while I still loving these fun challenges and deciding they are better than doing the dishes! Fridaywereinlove at gmail!


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