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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Downtown Provo Rooftop Concert Series

Date Info: 
Downtown Provo Rooftop Concert Series 
Price: Free
Location: Downtown Provo, UT 
Website: Rooftop Concert Series   

Summer dates that include taking anything you'd normally do indoors to the outdoors, is a winner in our book. With the exception of Arizona, where summer dates include being indoors and fall/winter/spring include more outdoor activities when our faces aren't going to melt off. This is one of the reasons we love weekend getaways so much, we get to experience the traditional summer ideals somewhere that actual summers with amazing nights exist! One of our favorite places to visit is Utah, where I grew up, went to college, and where we both have a lot of amazing friends and family to see. Plus we're both mountain children who can't resist amazing views, hikes, and perfect summer nights.  

Since hearing about the Rooftop Concert Series in its early days, we've had this on our list of dates we'd love to do if timing ever works out that we're in Utah the first weekend of a summer month. These are put on by an amazing group of people who worked so hard to help put Provo on the map. And seriously, there's some amazing talent that comes out of Provo, so it's totally worth your time to enjoy a summer night with an amazing band for no money at all!

We got to see The Moth & the Flame, and loved how excellent they were live!

If the band wasn't enough, we loved watching the people there. There are old and young, people of all kinds, and families with children as well as singles. Oh the flirtations and mating rituals of Provo kids- nothing short of hilarious to watch. I was once one of them, so I feel like if I'd only known then what I know now! It truly is hilarious to watch them awkwardly hit on each other, and we laughed at this scene and enjoyed it almost as much as we enjoyed the band.

If you're in Utah for the first weekend of June, July, August, or September, be sure to add this to your list of things to do- it was a seriously fun, totally free date!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

31 Weeks
Baby is the size of a pineapple 
Dress: Eshakti, Sandals: Target, similar

Feeling: Aside from having a difficult time breathing due to some lung crowding I'm feeling pretty great! Sometimes there's some aches and pains, but when I look at how fast this little guy in growing, and how few weeks I have left, I feel like this is totally expected and I'm feeling lucky! I'm watching my sister-in-law a month ahead of me in her pregnancy struggling and I just feel so lucky I'm still walking, sleeping, moving, and aching is pretty minimal. 

Body Changes: I still haven't found the scale. I'm hoping that shows up as we get a little more organized in the next few days. My clothes are still fitting, so I'm hoping nothing too crazy happened the last three weeks. 
He has definitely grown a lot and I'm feeling the pressure and seeing more growth near my ribs. I'm looking more pregnant and less like a person wearing a ginormous fanny pack above my hips. 
I also got my gestational diabetes test back, and it came back high. No shock there, but I'm not looking forward to the three hour test in the coming week. I also found out I'm anemic, and I'm on iron now. I can't believe how much better I feel after only about a week on the supplement! It's also making it very clear why ice chips have been such a huge craving this whole pregnancy! 

Sleeping: Unless I'm hot, I'm sleeping great! I wake up to use the bathroom once and usually need a big glass of water. Five minutes later, I'm out cold again. 

Dream of the week: Background- I took a trip to Vegas with several of my dorm friends freshman year of college. It was amazing and I can't believe the trouble/lack of trouble a bunch of 19-year-olds can get into. Okay, onto the dream! We decided to reunion our trip with our spouses but instead of Vegas try Puerto Rico. We were in a small town built on water that definitely was not Puerto Rico. It was Venice meets Puerto Rico meets scenes from The Rescuers. We all went on a river rafting tour and essentially ended up in a Lord of the Rings scene, visiting Gondor- the land of the kings with all the ancient statues and fantasy castles surrounding. Please note, I read the books shortly before the movie came out, I saw the movies in theaters, I read parts of the books for a class a few years later, and over a decade later my pregnancy brain decided to pull this information... On the bright side, my memory rocks with vivid memories, and I can't believe how real the dream felt. I woke up wanting to call about 11 dorm friends and see if they are up for a trip with our spouses. 

Fitness: I'm walking pretty much daily, and fitting in about one round of pilates a week. I've also been trying to add plenty of squats when I can since that's supposed to help with delivery. 

Craving: Artichokes came back this week, and by some miracle we went to our farmer's market by our new home, and there was as display! I almost cried tears of joy and Jacob couldn't stop laughing at how giddy I was to cook them the next day. I probably sounded like the scene from What About Bob eating the corn, my Mmmmms were hard to miss a mile away! 

Baby Updates: I think he shifted to a downward position this week. I have been kicked in my ribs and been sore from all the kicking! 
His brain is getting close to developed, and his five senses are fully developed now. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

30 Weeks
Baby is the length of a cucumber 
Dress: Target Maternity similar, Belt: Similar, Shoes: Teva

Feeling: It was moving week this week, thus a pic in a new location! I thought my body would revolt, I'd be swollen beyond recognition, and there was even the fear of early labor with all the stress and lifting! Bless having so much family in town, and they all showed up to help! It went smoothly, my body did really well, and I was amazed at how good I felt for such a crazy couple of days! I was ready to go swim in a pool which seems to help with swelling big time, but I survived without it and felt lucky things were pretty minimal in the symptom department. 

Body Changes: Still no scale, but I'm sure it will turn up eventually. 
My nails are growing at lightening speed and I'm having to trim them twice a week. I'm also seeing the shiny pregnancy hair finally- wasn't sure that perk would ever come! 
I have a super deep "innie" belly button and it's making its way to the surface, so I know little guy is growing big and strong! 

Sleeping: I think it was the move, but I've slept great! No adjusting to the new house, my body has been ready to conk out every night! Even on the night Jacob was away I still seemed to sleep without problems. I feel so lucky this is still the case, I know it isn't for most pregnant people at this point. 

Fitness: Some days were just packing and unpacking and walking back and forth from cars to different parts of the house with items, but I've tried to walk every other day I could. I swear this makes all the difference! I feel good the days I walk even 10 minutes, and I seem to ache the days I don't. I'm hoping I'm working out the moment my water breaks and make it up to the end fairly active. 

Craving: Acai bowls and cold smoothies always sound good in the heat, and my love for bean burritos from 1st Trimester seem to have returned this week. I started iron pills this week too, and luckily I've been okay without a constant cup of ice chips next to me. 

Baby Updates: He's strong enough to grasp a finger, and I'm definitely feeling stronger kicks with each day. He's also got a lot of brain development going on, for which I am grateful. 

On a side note, a friend of mine who was due just days ahead of me had preeclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section and delivered her little guy at 30 weeks this week. It has made how big and developed my little guy is very real for me seeing pictures. At the same time, I'm so grateful he's still in there and I'm not in the NICU experiencing all the hardship my poor friend is going through. He still has some finalizing to do of systems and body functions, and every week I'm feeling more grateful he's alive and well, and paying close attention to these final weeks of development! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

29 Weeks
Baby is the size of an acorn squash

Shirt: Anthropologie, Skirt: Loft, Shoes: Teva 

 Feeling: I was doing much better with health and queasy feelings this week, but I have had a few strange things happen while flying and staying in Utah for the 4th of July. There was a lot more swelling than normal. I think this was due to missing my morning walks/pilates sessions. I was also outside more and it was still a 100 degree week in Utah, so I noticed my feet throbbing and a few other pains likely heat related. I still think it was worth it for the cool nights! I also had the queasy feelings return when I returned home, but I think that's more due to diet and the stress of closing on the new house more than to anything else. 

Body Changes: We packed our scale, so I'm not sure If I've gained and how much. I do feel like I've had to go buy a few more shirts a size or two bigger. I also had a doctor appointment this week and she said I'm measuring great and looking healthy! I had to take the glucose test, I didn't think it was too bad. I was paranoid about it so I didn't eat carbs for a few days and found myself a little queasy again consequently. I'm hoping all comes back normal, but with insulin resistance who knows. It will make it a rough ride to the finish if I seriously have to limit carbs since baby really seems to want them always and makes me feel sick when I don't provide them.  

Sleeping: I'm back to sleeping great! I think I'm so exhausted from moving preparation and from partying hard while in Utah that I've seriously crashed every night and not even woken up to use the bathroom. I had one rough night in Utah where my aunt's house was a little warm and I didn't sleep too great. I woke up, went outside, and sprawled on the cold bench in her backyard. Luckily after I cooled down I was right back to sleep and I was fine. 

I had fun dreams return this week as well! I had one I was going into labor and simultaneously on a reality trivia show. If I wanted the next step of help/drugs for labor I needed to get the answer to the question correct. I'm not super great at trivia, and I definitely felt a lot of frustration upon waking up that I just couldn't "win" at having a baby. An hour later I was cracking up at how real this seemed. 

Fitness: Aside from travel time, I'm still walking about a mile a morning. It's feeling great and seriously helping with the swelling! 

Craving: Ice chips for life- I'm wondering if this craving ever ends. I seem to always want ice and can't get enough! This week one very kind coworker went to a gas station and bought me a 72 ounce drink and filled it with nothing but ice chips out of the kindness of her heart! It seriously made my day! I also had a night I couldn't get artichokes off the brain. They aren't exactly in season, so I had to tell myself a freshly steamed artichoke needed to die from the craving list because I'm not sure I can fulfill that one unless we can squeeze in a trip to Chile! 
Can I also mention that this is the last week in front of our beloved brick wall? I'm so excited to move and the new house is a dream, but this is one piece of about two total that I will desperately miss in the new house. It's been a great hipster dream-come-true, a spot with great lighting, and a place I've enjoyed documenting my pregnancy against! 

Baby Updates: I'm feeling him more and more these days. There's a lot of little flutters of hiccups multiple times a day around where his head is. I also had a night I felt a little achy and went to lie down in bed for a minute. He woke right up and starting kicking so hard. Jacob came in to cuddle and felt so many repeated kicks happening with his hand on my stomach. This is only the second time he's got in on the fun, so that was exciting for both of us! It didn't take long for baby to flip around a bit and start kicking my spine. It created a reaction through my whole body flinching with each kick, and I woke up the next morning quite sore from his little workout session on my spine! 


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