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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Dear Readers,

We wanted to take a minute on this Thanksgiving Day to let you know that we appreciate you! This blog was started just to keep us accountable to date every week, and we never though anyone would look at it or care about our lives. After an amazing thing called Pinterest came along traffic boosted and we found there were more people coming than just our mothers. Being a blogger was never intended, but this surprise has been a rich blessing in which we are both thankful!

Analytics show most of you are busy mothers, college students, and newlyweds looking for ideas. Even if you don't fall in that demographic, we sincerely appreciate your time! In this crazy world we live in where everyone is always overbooked, we thank you for spending time with us, for letting us be a part of your very busy lives, and taking some of those precious moments during study breaks, work, or nap time, to read about our adventures, and be a part of our lives.

You put up with some sponsored posts so we can continue to fund dates and travel, you reach out with the kindest emails whenever we open up about problems, particularly infertility and whenever I open up about my life story and past abuse. You in turn share your lives and stories, and it's a sweet relationship and blessing I just wouldn't feel right about not taking a moment to thank you! Thank you sincerely for being a part of our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and again, thank you for being a reader!

Camille and Jacob

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Washington D.C. Day 2: Natural History Museum

Washington D.C. Day 2
Location: Natural History Museum, Washington D.C. 
Cost: Free 
Time: Plan 2-4 Hours- Depending how much you want to see

We are big museum fans, particularly the ones that are done exceptionally well. One of the best parts of D.C. is visiting the Smithsonian Museums with some of the most interesting pieces of history, cultures, and people- and all for free! 

Our first museum was the Natural History Museum. 

It was really cool to see some very ancient fossils, bones of various creatures, and to read the scientific evidence telling the story of each.

A surprising favorite? Seeing how the human body has adapted over time to various climates, elements, and through natural selection.
And now I know what's happening to my body adapting to the Arizona heat!

Seeing the Hope Diamond was really impressive too!

When we hit the top floor we were pleased to see two of my favorite things to study while in elementary school- mummies and dinosaurs! I loved seeing all these, and loved seeing all the families teaching their kids about these things too!

Verdict: Great museum! We only wish we'd study the layout better to cover it faster and spend more time on the things we enjoyed most.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Washington D.C. Day 1: Founding Farmers

Washington D.C. Day 2
Location: Founding Farmers, Washington D.C. 
Cost: $15-$50, depending what you order
Time: Plan about 2 Hours- 1 for waiting, 1 to eat
Tips: Get reservations! You'll still wait an hour with them, but better than the 2 without them! 

When we booked our trip to D.C. I was completely naive to the foodie capital that happens to be the national capital. I asked on Facebook for suggestions of places to eat and had many friends and family members who have lived in the area suggestion not one, but 3-4+ MUST EAT places each. We took the repeats and make food part of the trip. Starting with one of the best places I've been to in all my life, Founding Farmers.
We walked through George Washington University and witnessed the college scene in action as we walked our way to Founding Farmers. 

I adore restaurants that support local farmers, use the best ingredients, and make everything from scratch. This restaurant defines that. They do all made-to-order food, and consequently the wait times for food are long and the wait times to get in are longer. We went at 10:30 p.m. EST, which was about 7:30 to us. We still waited almost an hour to be seated!

But when the cornbread came out, I was sold it was worth the wait!

Jacob ordered the chicken and waffles. My favorite part of the entire meal was his mac and cheese. The noodles were clearly freshly rolled and boiled with fresh cheese sauce. I've never had anything that good in the pasta family!
 I ate the best grass-fed burger of my life complete with Israeli side salad. I've probably never had lower blood sugar which is evident on my face, but I will say it was so worth it!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Washington D.C.: The Whitehouse Tour

Washington D.C. Day 2
Location: The Whitehouse Tour, Washington D.C. 

Cost: Free

Time: Plan about 2 Hours- 1 for clearance and waiting, 1 to tour 

Tips: Contact your local representative as soon as you know you're going- it takes over a month to get approval and clearance for a tour. The second you know your trip is happening put in the request so you can do this! Also, if you're international you can go too, but the process is much longer. Make sure to request the tour months in advance. 

We heard it was one of the must do things to see The White House, the place the President of the United States lives. It's a process to go- you have to contact your state rep over a month in advance, wait for clearance, and get your name on a list. From there you can't bring cameras, purses, or bags with you. We opted to stay in a hotel right by the White House our first night, and to bring just phones and a credit card. Forgive the phone pics, but pics from inside aren't allowed and there's no way a DSLR can make it's way on this tour! But you can look at the interactive tour if you want a sneak peak via digital means.
 Our favorite parts were having the Secret Service give us historical tidbits in each room. Where did the wedding guests stand, which president acquired a chair, who has the largest self portrait and the smallest self portrait. Such a cool place to see history in person and think of the amazing things that happened in this building.

Put this on the top of your list, it's a truly amazing place to visit in D.C.!


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