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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Provo-ites/Utah Locals

I live in Arizona, I accept that, I love it even.  Summers are so hot, and this one has almost killed me that I long for that Rocky Mountain range I grew up in right in the heart of Utah.  There is nothing like the perfect summer weather in Utah.  Aside from the heat there is one week I just get so homesick for Utah it's not even funny- The week beholding the 4th of July at the Freedom Festival in Provo.  For real, it's legit!  I miss that 5k, I miss the huge parade, I miss the food, I miss the Stadium of Fire...ahh so much to do, so many legit dates I dreamt of going on as a youth.  

ONE day we'll take the trip and go- how could I not with my favorite date ever?  

Check out all the events if you're a Utah local or looking for a cool road trip this weekend:  

Someone PLEASE go for me and pour one out for me while you're enjoying the funnest 4th fest in the West! 


  1. camille! i've just found this new blog. it's so fun! and i am so so so so happy for you and your husband!

  2. I went miss Camille... good times, beautiful weather and a great way to celebrate Dev's 30th. :) Missing you guys there in AZ!

  3. Abby, how great it this that we can reconnect! Even through the MBA I still visited your blog from time to time- I mean HELLO pictures! You are a talented woman!

    Marianne I'm SO glad you enjoyed it for us! We sure miss you guys. I'm so happy you landed the dream job but am secretly so upset you're not ending up in Zona! :(


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