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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Some Upgrades and a Thank You

Friends, Family, and Readers,

We started this blog as something we thought maybe a few close friends would check every couple months and maybe our family would view, but mainly was for the two of us to remain accountable for Friday dates.  We've been overwhelmed by the response, emails, nice comments/FB messages, and random people who have let us know we've inspired some fun dates, fun times, and greater commitments to marriage/relationships.  WOW, that's amazing!  We're two kind of dorky kids trying to have a good time together, and someone is inspired to rekindle with their significant other- crazy stuff!

SO, we decided to add some upgrades in hopes we can spread the dating love.  First off, did you notice we added a button?  It's right over there ------------------------------------------------------>
If you want, you can help promote date night by adding the button to blogs/websites.  You just copy the code and add an HTML gadget if you want to share on the sidebar of your blog or website.  
You can also become a blog follower for easier updates.

But that's really not the cool part-
We'll be adding some date ideas by months to give people some creative ideas by seasons/month to get out there and date!  We made a spreadsheet with hundreds of ideas of places to visit, things to do, things to eat, etc. and it's just too good to keep all of these to ourselves!

BUT most exciting, we'll be having some people guest blog some of their super awesome dates, favorite food joints, and thoughts on date night from married people, those in a relationship, and single daters alike.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting us, but really, thanks for spreading the love and making this world a happier place, one date at a time!

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