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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Post- Tia and Brett

When we met Tia and Brett as singles at church I'm not sure we ever would have predicted that we would all get hitched within months of each other.  Errr, I mean Tia to Brett, Jacob to Camille, not so much something weird like that sounded upon second read.

Tia and Brett are one amazing couple.  First of all they are both ridiculously good looking, so the world will be very lucky to see the kids they will one day have.  They are foodies, obviously something we love and seek out in friends!  But maybe the best thing about Tia and Brett is their love of fun and ability to have it on a budget.  There is a constant smile and upbeat attitude on both these kids at all times.

We're so excited to have their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on free dates and having fun together.

Stay tuned....post is coming in just minutes!  

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