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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our Tandem Bike Adventure

Remember that Christmas gift that involved a year of dates?  If not, you can check it out here.  This is our first of the 12 Months of Dates.
We decided to bump January's up a week due to some awesome plans next week and the amazing spring-like weather we've had in AZ this week.  January's date was "Let's Go Ride a Bike."

We went to The Bicycle Cellar in Tempe and picked up our reserved tandem beach cruiser for the entire afternoon.   Yes there was a giddy squeal by Camille to find it was cherry red- a favorite color!
We were both a little worried about riding a bike since it's been a few years.  We're here to to tell you the expression "like riding a bike" is 100% true.
 We rode down Mill Avenue in Tempe and stopped to pick up some lunch to have a little picnic along Tempe Town Lake.  Silver Mine Subs is absolutely delicious!  We were even thrilled to have tables all along the lake set up for picnics.  We made a mental note- there are a ton of cool places and scenic places along the lake all set up to go enjoy food (AKA a date) together at.
 Then we spent about 3 hours touring Tempe Town Lake, and other areas in Tempe and Scottsdale via bike.  We both commented that neither of us had seen the city like that- even in our time as students or with full-time jobs in the area.  There is something about seeing a city on a bike that adds a complete perspective change.

 And there was a lot of quality conversation while we burnt all the calories from lunch going several miles down and back again.
We decided that our final stop before our 4 hour rental was up would be to cool down and enjoy some of the world's best frozen yogurt.


  1. Great pictures, great outfit, looks like a blast!

    1. Thanks Hills! It was an absolute blast!

  2. i am seriously duplicating this date! I've always wanted to do the tandem thing. And I LOVE silver mine. And there's coupons in the entertainment book. winning all around!!

    1. We definitely used the entertainment coupon, and the tandem thing was a blast! It's definitely on our top 10 list!

  3. Love the idea- tandem bike riding would be so fun...putting that on my list!
    Happy Day

  4. LOVE this date! What a fun idea!

  5. Aww, that looks fun! My boyfriend always jokes that we should try it but I wasn't aware that you could rent one. Maybe I will surprise him. lol. Very nice pictures!


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