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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Date Plans

This an email I probably sent to Jacob today.  I thought I should share just in case anyone else is in need of some inspiration!  


So Cinco De Mayo is on a Saturday this year.  I was thinking this could be a really fun date night!  And guess what, you're the boy I date!  I'd love your opinions and additions to anything I'm not covering here as our two-white-kids-celebrating-Mexican-battle-commemorations festivities ensue.  
Here's a few ideas: 
1. Dinner party at our house- potluck style with Mexican dishes
2. Go on a "pub crawl" for virgin pina coladas
3. Make reservations for one of the best Mexican restaurants in town
4. Make a pinata that looks like Summer Wheatly from Napoleon Dynamite and bust it open. 
5. Make a bunch of salsa types, eat pretty much only chips and salsa that night
6. Hit up a Hispanic Art Exhibit
7. Make authentic food at home, just the two of us for a romantic dinner. 
8. Take a salsa dancing class for the night
9. Find Mariachi band concerts, attend one.  (And there will probably be pina coladas in our hands) 
10. Attend one of the festivals, I found quite a few HERE
So there you have it, we can do one of multiple items on the list, or just stay home and make-out, either way works for me! 
Love you, have a great day!

And I grinned ear to to ear when I got this response: 

Oh My Gosh…

This is why I love you!


  1. I love all of this! I might steal some of these ideas. I wish you could do all of these things. Maybe you can make a week out of it ;)

  2. Summer Wheatly for sure....

  3. It is one of the highlights of dating. It may not be that expensive but it must be the most memorable date that you and your partner must share with each other.

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