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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

3 Reasons to Visit Phoenix: by Guest Writer Joselyn

I know I've been swooning over my time at BYU and upbringing in Utah this week.  I decided it's time to be fair to my current city, which I love, and tout some of it's praises!  I was recently contacted by a writer for Hotels.com asking if she could add a personal article to share the love of Phoenix and things to do here with readers.  I'm happy to let others spread the love of things to do in specific cities, particularly mine, and particularly professional writers...so why not?  
Without further adieu, if you've ever thought of coming here don't just take my word for it, Joselyn's is worth quite a bit too!  Not to mention some of these things make for great dates!  

Experience Phoenix- 3 Reasons This Is A Must-See City

This is a guest post provided by Joselyn Seifer—a writer for Hotels.com.
Phoenix, Arizona is hot. Yes, it’s a subtropical city with average temperatures of 100 degrees, but it’s hot because of some great places to visit. Stop and take a look at what this capital city has to offer in the way of entertainment, culture, and outdoor fun.

1. A Glimpse into the Past

The city of Phoenix is continually preserving its history. The cultural landscape in downtown Phoenix is host to some amazing festivals and events year round. Along Sixth Street in Phoenix are the Science Center and 1895 Rosson House Museum. These places feature a collection of painstakingly refurbished and preserved homes and buildings to tour, including the 1,500 year-old Hohokam village.
The calendar of events at the Heritage & Science Park is full of fun activities for kids as well as adults, from musical appreciation to arts and crafts of the 19th century. Or visit the Heard Museum which is dedicated to the Native Americans and their culture.

2. The Beauty of the Outdoors

Phoenix has been named one of National Geographic’s best hiking cities. Get outdoors, and go hiking or mountain biking on some world-class trails. You will see the rock art petroglyphs and find solitude in the vast landscape of South Mountain Park and Preserve. If you love the game of golf, hit a few holes at one of the numerous championship courses, like Glen Lake, or Gold Canyon Golf Resort.
Take a picnic to one of the many urban parks or have a refreshing swim in one of the city’s 29 public swimming pools. If you’re near Galvin Parkway you have to visit the Phoenix Zoo, where you’ll see a wide variety of animals and discover the Yakulla Caverns play area and splash pad.

3. Performing Arts

The Phoenix Center for the Arts has award-winning art classes and programs. There is a chance to participate in theater, choir, or jazz band. These great activities keep kids busy from second grade through high school. CityJazz is an 18 piece youth band that’s been performing for over 18 years.
There’s also a visual arts studios. A great place to exercise your creative muscles in painting photography, glass art, ceramics, metals, fiber art, and children's art. The Art Gallery also highlights Phoenix’s “First Friday” art tour, hosting several shows a year. These are non-profit events to help artists display their work.
Phoenix takes pride in its love of history, art, and beautiful landscapes. Take a tour of this booming city with a modern atmosphere and old west charm. In 2012 the state of Arizona will turn 100 years old and will have a centennial celebration, and Phoenix is the place to be.

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