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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Phoenix Rock Gym Rock Climbing

Date Info: 
Rock Climbing at a Rock Gym 
Price: $18 Per Person, including gear rental 
Location: Any Rock Gym, We're at the Phoenix Rock Gym 
Website: Phoenix Rock Gym 

When it's this hot and we're getting cabin fever staying indoors all summer long there just isn't anything like and active date with AC included!  
We went rock climbing about a year ago and even went to Pita Jungle.  Can we have one week where a repeat is okay?  Because guess what, I joked we did this and ate at Pita Jungle, and guess where the husband drove for dinner!  
 We felt pretty cool not having to take the training course again- twice in 12 months, you know that's expert level :)
 We actually did feel fairly athletic this time, we helped others and I even taught Jacob what a "dino" is.  Sometimes that girl that grew up with the Rockies in her backyard comes out.  I think I like her and her outdoor adventure self that doesn't get to come out too often in the Phoenix metro.
 Success!  Way to do an 11 Jacob!  Pay no attention to the numbers on the girl below...
 We loved watching so many couples who were out on dates on a Friday night.  This is one cool place!
 Even though it took many attempts and lots of slipping off the wall, we finally captured a picture I've been wanting since we were first married!
Thank you Phoenix Rock Gym!


  1. Arizona can have some very hot weather. When me and my husband we went to the Phoenix Rock Gym all the time because my husband loved rock climbing. It's such a fun indoor rock climbing facility.

  2. this is too adorable! I've been there {once} && got stuck up on one of the walls. When I say stuck, I mean I gave myself a panic attach and refused to move for quite some time. Eventually, I came down. Thankfully. I'll probably venture it again one day, waaay in the future. :)

    xo, Josephine Nychole


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