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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Hollywood Wax Museum

When you have 2 hours to kill in Hollywood before your flight leaves, it's a good idea to plan on spending 1 hour in the Hollywood Wax Museum.  
There's just nothing like seeing stars mimicked in wax and posing with them.  
 Confession: I'm actually afraid of wax replicas.  One of my first horror movies was Vincent Price's House of Wax, a movie where a part owner burns down a wax museum to get insurance, injuring his other partner who comes back to rebuild his beloved museum by using murder victims covered in a thin layer of wax.  CREEPY, and I've just never wanted to get too close to a wax figure again.
Please enjoy Jacob being funny, and now having the insider knowledge to notice my slightly creeped out looked and awkward extra feet between each figure in every image.

(This is as close as I got, I knew the picture would be worth the moment of terror)  

And then instantly back to afraid....

 And when you're leaving CA, there is no better place to end an amazing trip by spending your last hour standing in line for a Coconut Strawberry Boba Time!

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  1. It looks like a lot of fun (heebie jeebies aside!) I'm surprised they allow people to get so close to the exhibits--but it makes for some neat pictures!


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