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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Date Info: 
Churn Ice Cream 
Price: Varies, plan about $10-$15
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Website: Churn

We hit up one of the local treasures of Phoenix- an amazing artisan ice cream shop called Churn.
There seriously is something to local, organic, hipster ice cream/baked goods shops.
We couldn't resist the ice cream cookie sandwiches.
Amazing ice cream is even better with your favorite couple to double with!

Jacob got the pretzel cone- seriously so good with chocolate ice cream!
And fall keeps beckoning me to molasses cookies, which are even more amazing with fresh caramel ice cream!   
Seriously, find a couple your age, your same place in life, with your same anniversary who make you laugh and also have deep discussions with you.  You'll never be disappointed on a double date!
And go to Churn if you're ever in Phoenix, you also won't be disappointed!

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  1. what a cute blog idea...can't wait to see what fun dates you all come up with!!


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