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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pi Day 3.14

The world seems to be increasingly aware of March 14th and it's opportunity to celebrate math and eat pastry.  If you haven't heard Pi is the ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference, and uses the symbol"π" to represent the number 3.14159....and goes on to over 100 trillion digits (according to Wikipedia). 

Yep, that was a mini-math lesson, brought to you by a former English teacher.  But shockingly I was always 
really good at math and loved that unlike English, you could always get a right answer!  I loved when I got a 
graphing calculator for Algebra II as a 10th grader that had the Pi symbol, it made my life a lot easier and 
test taking a lot faster.  So, if you decide to celebrate Pi Day in the future and don't care much about the 
mathematical appreciation, I hope you can at least enjoy a day of pastry in honor of that button on your

Let me get to our actual night.  We are lucky enough to have some really cool friends who host a block party
Pi Day pie party every year.  They have 7 amazing children, who all bake their own pie during spring break
(which happens to always fall the week of March 14th) with some help of their very talented mother.  They 
put fliers up reminding everyone to come, to bring a pie they like as well, and to enjoy this day together as 
neighborhood.  It always gets an amazing turnout because it's a day that no one has something else going on, 
it's just a day they can show up and eat pie!  

We've been on cruises for our honeymoon and anniversary the past two years and had to miss it, but this year
we were home and happy to get our nerd on for Pi Day, which involved Jacob finding an amazing deal online
and ordering us these sweet t-shirts.  
It also involved this goodness: 
 (Cherry pie made by our 14-year old neighbor- that girl has skills!) 

We had a great time catching up with neighbors, eating some great pie, and enjoying calculator functionality in general!


  1. Super cute! I love it! Good thing I had dinner before clicking over to this post. LOL

    Undecided Answer

    1. HAHA! I hear you, good thing I had a big dinner before I went. Only 3 pieces consumed!

  2. That is such a unique type of party. And I love pie and your t-shirts are uber adorable! I love a cute T-shirt.

    Adam & Brittany's Life in Dixie

    1. My husband is awesome for finding these shirts! It was a fun, unique day for sure!

  3. Fact: Making decorative pie crusts is one of my favorite things. It's like art + baking.

    1. Fact: if you bake it I will come. I will also appreciate your aesthetics.

  4. Wow, I thought we celebrated Pi Day at my office well but your party puts ours to shame! Looks like so much fun and sooooooo good!


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