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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Friday We're In Love Gets a Makeover

I know many use readers these days and don't click into the blog often- I'm guilty, I'm one of them.  But guess what guys, Friday We're Love has undergone a serious makeover!

Do yourself a favor and click in to see the extremely talented Lauren of LoLo Design's work!  Anyone that can make us look good has some serious talent! If you've ever thought of a blog redesign let me just tell you, Lauren is amazing to work with, a great deal, and a college student doing this to put herself through- how could you not want to hire her?

Also remember that you can win $250!  You still have another week to enter the Giveaway!


  1. She totally rocks right?!!!! I heart her! :) It really does look great!

    1. Thanks for hooking us up! She really is amazing!

  2. Thanks for this, Camille! I totally appreciate it. :)

    The shop is on "vacation" for finals (some vacation, right?), but I'm still accepting blogs to go on my wait list. To stay updated, here's my shop blog http://lolomade.blogspot.com.


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