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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Spreading the Love with Friday We're In Love

I've been thinking a lot lately about the joys of the blogging and how much love I feel from this community.  I've made friends I never would have met otherwise, I've learned to actually look somewhat decent in make-up (nothing short of a miracle- trust me!), cook, express more love, and be inspired many other countless ways.

A few years ago I made a resolution to not hold back nice thoughts.  Sometimes it's telling a random stranger how pretty she is, that I like some one's shoes, that their idea is so smart, or that I appreciate them working a holiday so I can enjoy their venue.  Everyone needs validation, and if you think someone is awesome, why not tell them?  The world needs more love, and I honestly believe it's those small expressions that make all the difference!

It hit me, Valentine's Day is only once a year, and doesn't the world need some declarations of love more often?  Shouldn't this be more like once a month that we dedicate some time to express love and adoration?  And then this crazy idea for a new blog series was born!

Every 14th of every month I'm going to host a link up called "Spreading the Love with Friday We're in Love."  Every 14th I'm hoping other bloggers will join me in expressing their love for another blogger- or two, or three.  All you need to do is create a post featuring 1-3 bloggers who inspire you, declare your love for their blog, a specific post, or them as a person.  Write a couple sentences validating them, and then link up so others can share in the love-fest.  It's that simple!

I'll be hosting my first link-up in 6 days- on May 14th and will continue to host one every month. Maybe I'll be the only one, maybe a few of my friends will join, but I have high hopes to continue to make the blogging community a very connected, loving, positive place to be!  Mark your calendars, we're only 6 days away!


  1. Love this! You know I'll join.

  2. This is a great idea! Sometimes I think people are hesitant to share the spotlight when it comes to blogging which is absolutely silly. Sending one of your readers to another blog doesn't mean they're going to stop reading your blog, ya know?

    Anyway, there is an Art of Merlot local deal through Amazon right now and thanks to your blog I am SO TEMPTED to purchase it as a date night for me and my husband. We're not artists at all but you made it seem so fun! It's a lot more than we usually spend on our dates though so I'm not sure!

  3. This is a great idea. I'm new to blogging, and I'll be linking you up tomorrow, Camille, for my first blogger-love post. Check it out at myonethingblog.com

    1. Welcome Cati! I'm so glad you'll be linking up tomorrow :)

  4. This is such a cute idea! I love what you said about not holding back nice thoughts. You're right, everyone wants to hear a kind word and be validated! There was a quote from general conference (probably a RS meeting) that I have always remembered: "Never suppress a generous thought." Love it.

    I'm late reading about this for this month -- trying to catch up on my blogroll -- but I may try to play next month. :)

    1. Can't wait to have you join in! And LOVE that quote!

  5. Aww this is a great idea! Way fun to reach out and make friends!


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