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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Freedom Festival Parade

One of the best parts of being in Utah on the 4th of July is the Freedom Festival Parade. It's totally free, almost 2 hours long, and you'll see some pretty amazing floats, bands, and other random things.
It's even better with the whole crew! Even if most of us were pretty sweaty after the 5k! 
It was cool to be at the beginning and see people before they are tired. It was also fun to see that LDS General Authorities (leaders of the church) come out to celebrate too. 
With the background as Y Mountain, BYU was one of the star floats of the parade.

Wanna guess who gets the most cheers and a standing ovation? It's the Utah Provo Mission missionaries. So funny! 
And we were excited thinking we had an Internet sensation in front of us, but apparently it's a different Miss Utah. 
And seeing your old high school is kind of fun, it's been so long that I surprisingly enjoyed it! 
Fun, free, festive- and the 4th how I remember it! 

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