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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Food of Versailles

After some time seeing where the royals ate in Versailles we decided it was time to enjoy some more French food. 
Let me say, it was pricey! Half a sandwich, two waters, and of course some pastries had us up to about $25 in no time. 
 But can you put a price tag on the moment you meet the French macaroon? 
 You can't! 
Yes dessert came first, but there was some trail mix from my pack (one of our secrets to making Europe affordable) and a few bites of sandwich, which of course, was on French bread, which was a treat in itself. I swear, all meals were nothing short of amazing.
After dessert, and a mini-meal, it was time for dessert again. We decided to try what the cafe at Versailles is most known for- the Mont-Blanc
Skeptical at first, we were pleasantly surprised how good whipped cream with chocolate frosting can be. Nothing like this in the U.S. and I'm glad we were told to get the specialty- dessert part two made for enough energy to walk over 8 miles through the gardens after this meal! 

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