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Sunday, November 10, 2013

International Food Passport: Trying Ethiopian Food

We've talked for a while about spending some dates stamping our proverbial International Dining Passport. We love trying new places, and we really love travel and learning about new cultures. About a year ago on a long road trip we decided it would be cool to try food from every country together. 

When our friends Anthony and Sarah asked to double and go for some Ethiopian food we just couldn't resist! This was one country we haven't tried yet. 
Ethiopian Food Date
 We headed to Cafe Lalibela in Tempe. There's something exciting about new food, cool friends you love talking to, and double date out to dinner in general.

I copied Sarah and got the Chef's Favorite Combination with green beans.

 Jacob got the Meat Combination.
 Anthony got the Spicy Combination, which I must admit, was brave!
 Even with the Injera (wheat and grass crepe-like bread) to mild things out, it was still spicy. And perhaps TMI, but definitely a cleanse happens after a full meal. 

Don't take that the wrong way- the food was delicious and we'll definitely go back! I mean who doesn't love a little spice, a little incineration of the bowels from time-to-time, and food that is supposed to be eaten with your hands? 


  1. Ahaha that incineration of the bowels comment makes me think of that Indian food Yelp review thing you posted once....DYING. Also, I had Ethiopian food once on a date. Good times.

  2. David says Tina's Cafe is better than Lalibela and has been meaning to take me there for YEARS. (He knows Tina and, having lived in Ethiopia, I assume he knows the cuisine well enough to make that assessment.) Double date...?


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