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Friday, January 31, 2014

Alt Summit Swag

After a week of inspiration at Alt Summit I'm sharing my five favorite things about Alt this week. 

Yesterday I posted about Business Cards, something my inner design enthusiast just loves! 

Today I'm happy to bring something my inner bargain finder adores #2- The swag
Alt Summit freebies
I was seriously floored with how much sponsors and party host spoil attendees! If I wouldn't have been so darn into the classes (but don't let me share #3 too far in advance) I know I could have walked away with much more! 

Notable items: 
- Custom design scarf from the Secret Garden Party
- Giftcards to Home Goods 
- Notebooks from Ulive, Furbish, and May Designs 
- DIY book from P.S. I Made This
- Method hand sanitizer
- Banner craft from Wayfair
- Bremenn Clinical products gallore! Like $150 worth of them!  
And tons of craft supplies (yarn, scissors, glue gun, etc.) given by Ulive

- Pencils from Furbish
- Sunglasses won at the Circus Party
- Kleenex to-go pouces 
- Photography tips and tricks from Nicolesclasses.com
- Essie Nail Polish 
- Every kind of Mod Podge made (One with glitter- who knew?) Thanks Ulive
- A Candle and matches from Collectively
- And hundreds of dollars in Bare Minerals foundation, mascara, lip stick, blush, eye shadow, and even a brush! 

- Lovely tree place card holders from Minted
- Personalized stationary from Minted
- Statement necklace from Cents of Syle
- Printed leggings from Agnes and Dora
- Enough reusable totes that I should be ashamed if I ever make it grocery shopping without one! 

Literally hundreds of dollars worth of awesome swag made it into my suitcase for me to enjoy long after Alt. It was something I wasn't expecting, but something that made the price tag worth it!


  1. Holy freakin smokes that's a lot of swag!!! Also, I toootally thought that banner were pairs of undies when I first glanced at the pictures, LOL!!

    1. Oh how you constantly crack me up Carissa! Undies would probably be more fun now that I think of it!

  2. I saw your business card on an Alt Summit post and then someone else mentioned that they love your blog and its purpose on another blog I was reading today so I couldn't resist checking it out! I LOVE your blog and I can't wait to explore it more this weekend and get to know the two of you better! :)


    1. Oh Amerbly, thanks so much! You made my day, and thanks for reading!

  3. So....basically the price tag of Alt was less than the price of all the swag you got. #itallmakessense

  4. Love this round-up! I was so sad to miss Ulive's crafting supplies - especially all that Modge Podge. Have fun with all your swag =)


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