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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

What I Wore to Alt Summit

I've been recapping my top 5 favorite things of Alt Summit this week. Read about #1 Business Cards, #2 The Swag, and #3 The Classes by clicking on each of the links. 

Today I'm excited to talk about my vain side, and share with you

#4- The Fashion 

I can't say enough for how put together and awesome everyone looks at Alt! This had me a little worried about what I was going to wear initially, but when I got there I realized most just wear what works for their body, their style, and what they feel comfortable in. 

If you want to see the stylish women of Alt check out their Flickr Stream
I didn't want to take stalker pictures, but you can definitely see the trends of black and white, statement jewelry, amazing shoes, braided hair, tulle skirts, vintage styles, and way more in the Flickr Stream.

I'm a planner down to the detail, it's why I'm a project manager for a living and a date night blogger as a a hobby- I love to put things together and be prepared! 

Let me share with you what I planned and wore to Alt Summit 2014. 

Activities included: Plane ride, early bird sessions, and dinner with sponsors
I wanted to look preppy and put together to meet Minted, but I always wanted to wear this cardigan I bought as a birthday treat, because day 1 of Alt was my birthday. 
(dress, cardigan, belt: Anthropologie, boots: Hunter, cami: Shade) 

Great minds think alike- one of my fave girls from Minted and I wore the same color scheme and similar belts.

Activities Included: Networking, classes, lunch, meeting sponsors

(shirt: Jcrew Outlet, skirt: made by me (with parental supervision- thanks Mom!), belt: thrifted, flats: Target)

Thursday Night
Activities: The Green Party- all attendees were asked to wear green while enjoying awesome activities, photo booths, and networking 
(Blazer: Loft, Dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA found at Last Chance, altered by my Mom, Snake Necklace: Buffalo Exchange, Studded Headband: Anthropologie, Navy Heels: Last Chance)

Activities: Classes, Networking, lunch, closing keynote, meeting sponsors
(Dress: Anthropologie (robe altered by my Mom to make into a dress), Boots: Last Chance, Cami: Downeast, Hair Clip: Anthropologie)

Friday Night
Activities: 11 Mini Parties to hit up!
(dress: Sheinside, earrings: F21, heels: Last Chance)

Activities: Meet and greet brunch, lunch with friends, flight home, date night 

(shirt: Van Heusen, Sweater: Anthropologie, - jeans and flats not pictured)
Above photo by Brooke Dennis


  1. Love your style! Great outfit ideas!



    1. Aww thanks Kimberly. I'm seriously blushing!

  2. Look at you lookin' all cute and fancy! Where'd you find your tulle skirt?!!! That look is prob my fav!

    1. Thanks girl- I felt fancy! I made the skirt, they were hard to find and the few I did were way expensive. It actually wasn't hard to do!

  3. Youre adorable, as always! Which Anthro sweater were you talking about?? I LOVE the minted meeting outfit btw! The bow belt?! I die. :)

    1. Thanks girl! The top one was the one I saved and waited patiently for! And of course we're tulle skirt bffs! Can we please have a tulle skirt dinner date together?

  4. Also, Tulle skirt bff skirts FTW!

  5. Love all your outfits! Sorry we didn't get to meet. Hopefully next year!! xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Jen, I'd love to meet you next year!

  6. Oooh that last dress... so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I was nervous when I bought it wondering how much I'd wear it- surprisingly it's been a lot!

  7. Replies
    1. THE single best comment I have ever received!

  8. you look like you were having a blast,thanks for sharing all about Alt Summit, love hearing about it


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