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Friday, June 06, 2014

Join the Pippit App Movement!

I like new media trends, like a whole lot. I suppose my full-time gig in Internet marketing is for a reason. I love to be one of the first kids to try things out and give my thoughts on whether or it may be the next big thing. I'm not always right, I thought Foursquare would ensue stalking and no one would want that. But apparently, people want that! Yay for Foursquare! Stalk on!

Every now and then I'm lucky enough to grab something when it's released and fall in love fast, and then get to share it with my friends as kind of a first mover. Thank you Pinterest beta testing, G+ enlightenment, and professor who said "This thing call Blogger that came out this week we're going to use in this technology class."

This week I dove head first into Pippit- a new app from two huge bloggers designed for bloggers.

It's like Google Reader, Instagram, and Pinterest had a baby (which I get is a threesome and awkward, but no genetic testing will be done and this is a PG blog so just go with me here). Traits from each are showing in this app.

I love that feeds are more visual, and look like Pinterest. They show both uploaded pictures and blog posts from bloggers who have connected their feeds. I can choose to categorize by like, want, or useful for future reference.

I'm a big fan of the Google-esque components too. The profile looks like G+, and you can see my feed like a Google Reader (RIP) meets a G+ outlay. 

And of course I'm loving the Instagram feel where I can see pictures big and bold both uploaded and taken from blog posts in one feed. It makes my life and stalking of my faves so much easier. 

There's one very original feature that all other platforms have missed- the ability to add visual links right onto your image. No need to tag it and hope they find the link, you can place a dot, add a link, and send readers to the product/restaurant/profile/you-name-it-website directly from your image. 

I'm kind of in love after only a few days. Each time I toggle back to readers or Instagram it feels a little lacking now. But then I go back to check my Pipps and I realize my friends are on it yet, and then it feels lacking. 

Friends, the time has come- join the social media designed for bloggers/blog readers! It's well worth the $2 you will spend on the app. 

And please, join me and find me with user name FridayWereInLove, and leave a comment with your user name so I can find you too, because I'm seriously ready for everyone to join the Pippit Party! 


  1. My username is staygoldautumn :) I am excited to try this out!

  2. This is definitely interesting. I'll check it out!

  3. Right, so I'm on board. (Lifeplus1) But I still can't seem to suss it out! Like, for example, how do other people find my pipps? Do the pips have to be hashtaged to be found by other or will my pips appear randomly in the Explore tab?

    I would really love Pippit to create a more in depth tutorial video... Any ideas?



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