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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meteor Shower Stargazing

Date Info: 
Price: Free (but you may want to budget a few dollars for snacks)
Location: Outside of the city away from any lights (Superstition Mountains in AZ for us) 
Time: 4 hours total- 1 hour drive outside of town, 2 hours to stargaze, 1 hour drive back 

Sometimes we throw the air mattress, a couple pillows, a blanket, and some flashlights into the car and drive an hour outside of the city. We usually find a closed road, park by it, hop the fence, and set up shop on what feels like our own private driveway. 

From there we witness the beauty of the night sky. It's particularly awesome when a meteor shower is taking place.

This usually leads to some pretty deep conversations, lots of quality time, and a desire to make out like teenagers.

Which really, are there three greater things you can glean from a free, romantic date?

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  1. Aww this is cute!! I've always wanted to do this!!


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