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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7 Days in Peru: Day 4: Machu Picchu

Trip to Peru Day 4
Location: Machu Picchu 

Cost: Tickets are $62-$71 depending if you add a hike to your visit. You also need to get there through Aguas Calientes, which requires a train ride up with luggage limits. 

Time: Plan at least one day, and get there early! 

Tips: Buy your ticket in advance- as soon as you know you're going! They do sell out, and the tickets with the hikes sell out fastest. There's also a trick to actually being able to buy the tickets online- Jacob is going to write a post about booking the trip, and he'll cover how to get your credit card to work through the Machu Picchu website so you can book in advance. 
Stay the night in Aguas Calientes, get up early, and beat the crowd if you want any decent pictures! Also be sure to have a smaller bag or carry on for the night or two away, and a place to keep the rest of your luggage. The train limits how much you can take up! 

Machu Picchu Peru- Jacob's dream come true! 
Machu Picchu Peru Bucketlist Trip

Brace yourself, picture overload happens when you post about fulfilling your spouse's #1 bucket list item. We went to Peru for Machu Picchu, and there just aren't words or pictures to describe how incredible the architecture is, how majestic and large the mountains are, how steep the Incan Trail is, and how fluffy the llamas are. But that's not going to stop us from trying! 
Machu Picchu Peru

I mean it's one of the 7 Wonders of the World for reason! 
Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Trip

Machu Picchu Bucketlist

And the more you look at the details, the more your mind is blown how simple Incans without modern technology created such a majestic place on the top of a steep mountain.
Huayna Picchu Machu PIcchu

Machu Picchu Aerial View

Peru- Machu Picchu

llamas of Machu Picchu

llama of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu- Epic View!

Machu Picchu Picture

Machu Picchu Civilization

Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu Travels

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Full View

We're not the typical jumping picture types, but it was Machu Picchu for crying out loud!
Machu Picchu Jumping Pic

Machu Picchu Jumping Pic

Bucketlist Picture- Machu Picchu Jumping

Bucketlist Picture- Machu Picchu

7 Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Llama petting

Ancient Machu Picchu in Peru

Ancient Machu Picchu Incan City

Machu Picchu Incan City Walls

Stone Walls of Machu Picchu

Incan Walls- Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Agriculture

Machu Picchu Homes

Machu Picchu Pyramid

Machu Picchu Wildlife

Seriously, this was carved out of an existing rock and turned into a two-story home. Who just does that?
Machu Picchu- Incan Engineering

Wunderlust- Peru

Ancient Incan Civilization of Macchu Picchu

I'm happy to report I got my fear of heights out of my system at Pisac, and did pretty well with the steep drop offs. The tiered agricultural gardens certainly helped. The breathtaking views did too!

This was a map of the area carved into a stone. You an see Huayana Picchu on the left carved in the left side of the stone. Can you even imagine what modern engineering marvels we could have today if they weren't conquered and forced to assimilated to Spanish culture?

Incan Map Machu Picchu Incan Walls

Incan Homes in Machu Picchu

My favorite engineer was as giddy as could be inspecting all the elements and learning about hypothesizes of how things were made.
Machu Picchu Peru Building

Wonderlust- Machu Picchu

Machu Picture view from the bottom

Machu Picture tour

Grazing LLamas of Machu Picchu

Gatekeeper's Inn Machu Picchu

Gatekeeper's Inn Perfect Shot of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu has its own passport stamp- one we made sure to get as our souvenir on the way out, and one we put on the first page, as a wonder we don't ever want to forget.
Machu Picchu Passport Stamp

Machu Picchu Passport Stamp

Sacred Valley Peru- Machu Picchu


  1. Amazing! I'm glad to see it was as amazing as Jacob hoped it would be.

  2. This looks like a dream place to visit! So breathtaking! Oh and I love your scarf :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to visit here someday. It looks amazing!

  4. I love the idea of the passport stamp! This is definitely on my bucket list!

  5. I have to visit this place once in my lifetime. You're so lucky to have seen it in 'real life'. Your photography is amazing!

  6. I love following along with your Peru trip! I fell like I'm there too <3

  7. Looks beautiful and so fun!
    The Accidental Mama

  8. Those pictures are gorgeous! I hope I get the chance to go one day!

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous! Frame them and put them up in your home gorgeous!

  10. Wow! It really is breathtaking! You got some gorgeous shots. It's for sure on my bucket list!

  11. An alpaca? These photos are gorgeous!

  12. Oh my gosh!! This is so stunning. How beautiful!

  13. I can't stand looking at all your wonderful pics from this trip hahah it's killing me (in a good way!) I love them all. Never thought (but it makes sense) that you have to buy tickets to hike up there)

  14. Wow! The scenery is just stunning.

  15. My inlaws went to machu picchu earlier this year and loved it! Looks like such a beautiful place. Very jealous!

  16. It's so dreamy! My husband went awhile back and took some amazing sunrise photos.

  17. Wow, amazing pictures! It most of them, it just looks like you and your hubby are there. However, I was amazed to see that large crowd descending the steps! That's a lot of people!

  18. Machu Picchu is beautiful from what I've seen! I love your photos and always enjoy them :)

  19. Oh this is sooo great!!!! That's soo cool the number 1bucket list item!!!! And yes the heights where hi!! Glad you overcame your fear!!!

  20. Those mountains are just breathtaking.

  21. Wonderful pictures! I would love to be able to take pics at Machu Picchu one day!

  22. My friends went here last year and now I am so jealous I didn't go with them. Glad you conquered your fear of heights - the pictures are gorgeous!

  23. Wow so breathtaking, thanks for sharing these pictures!

  24. Bing a nature lover Machu Picchu Peru is one of my favourite places. I have been there for many times sometimes with my family or sometimes with my friends. I am a big fan of this region it represents fabulous scenes of natural beauty. Its major attractions are Hugh peaky mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and historical Ruins. We had great time there. If you are standing on a high mountain then surrounding will represent an awesome and breathe taking view. Have you ever experienced that? Now I have plan my next trip to bus san francisco to san diego with my wife in search of another fabulous place.


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