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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Halloween 2014- Pumpkin Carving

Date Info: 
Pumpkin Carving 
Price: $6-$10 
Location: Anywhere 
Time: About 2 hours 

We find most our Halloween parties and festivities happen before the actual day, which often leaves the night open to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters and enjoy some time together at home. Jacob had a crazy work week, I'd helped plan, put on, and clean up a company party Thursday night, and Jacob flew in from a business trip late the evening before. A casual night in for a date was just what the Dr. ordered. Not to mention, pumpkin carving hadn't happened yet and that is the perfect fall/Halloween date idea! 

So we went for it! 

It took us all of 5 minutes online to decide what we wanted to do. This was our first year using power tools, so we knew we could go a little more intricate! I now understand the big deal with dremels and electric drills with many bit attachments. 

Jacob went with a pixelated Wreck it Ralph. I went with a Dia de Los Muertos Skull Candy pumpkin. 

So many holes! I was so thankful for a drill that made it so easy and so fun!

Jacob opted to hand carve most of his. I was pretty impressed with his precision!

Watching a lot of cute kids come and get candy, and alleviate us from the Milky Ways in the mixed bag, in addition to some artistic renditions of squash varieties made for a perfect Halloween night! 

What did you do for Halloween? Did you carve pumpkins this year? If so- what did you make?


  1. Ummm that gif at the end is very best. I'm also really impressed with your pumpkin carving....I usually end up just carving some ambiguous circle or square of sorts.

    1. Yep, what she said. I watched that gif for an abnormal amount of time. Because, adorable.

  2. I got a little ambitious this year and carved pumpkins with 7 children...i might never carve a pumpkin again...lol.

    Your pumpkins turned out great!!!

    So glad i stumbled across your blog!... newest follower here!

  3. aw I love them! especially the wreck it ralph one, it looks so realistically pixelated haha! I have never used a drill or anything but I bet it makes it easier. I carved a pumpkin last year for the first time ever since childhood and let's just say it was harder than I expected. Also it took me hours to decide what to do so PROPS to you for being able to figure it out in 5 minutes!


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