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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Washington D.C. Day 2: Natural History Museum

Washington D.C. Day 2
Location: Natural History Museum, Washington D.C. 
Cost: Free 
Time: Plan 2-4 Hours- Depending how much you want to see

We are big museum fans, particularly the ones that are done exceptionally well. One of the best parts of D.C. is visiting the Smithsonian Museums with some of the most interesting pieces of history, cultures, and people- and all for free! 

Our first museum was the Natural History Museum. 

It was really cool to see some very ancient fossils, bones of various creatures, and to read the scientific evidence telling the story of each.

A surprising favorite? Seeing how the human body has adapted over time to various climates, elements, and through natural selection.
And now I know what's happening to my body adapting to the Arizona heat!

Seeing the Hope Diamond was really impressive too!

When we hit the top floor we were pleased to see two of my favorite things to study while in elementary school- mummies and dinosaurs! I loved seeing all these, and loved seeing all the families teaching their kids about these things too!

Verdict: Great museum! We only wish we'd study the layout better to cover it faster and spend more time on the things we enjoyed most.

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