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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Christmas Carol 2014

Date Info: 
A Christmas Carol Play 
Price: $16-$26 per ticket
Location: Hale Centre Theatre in AZ, CA, and UT 
Website: Hale Centre Theatre 
Food We Recommend Nearby: Oreganos, Postinos, Liberty Market, Joyride Tacos, Zinburger 

One of favorite holiday traditions is to go see A Christmas Carol at Hale Centre Theatre. The acting is fantastic, the message of the story always helps us get in the Christmas spirit, and it's a pretty decent deal for some good local theater. 

Plus when a famous news weatherman is subbing in for Scrooge, it's hard to miss seeing that. He did fantastic for the record.

Really, there isn't a bad seat in the whole theater with their 360 style. It's really awesome that the action takes place all around you.

And even more awesome that they make it snow it AZ

I love finding Christmas magic, and Hale in Downtown Gilbert does it perfectly!

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