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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anniversary Utah Getaway: Spring in Utah Walk

It's truly an amazing thing to see seasons after so many years living in Arizona! We honestly have nice, hot, hotter than &#!!, and fall. That about sums it up! Any time I get to see winter or spring I just stand in awe at how beautiful the world is! 

While in Utah the cherry blossoms were in full bloom on every corner, and we decided an awesome free spring date is finding a spot with a bunch of blossoms and take a stroll to enjoy the season.

The Utah State Capitol didn't let us down- it was breathtaking! 


  1. The cherry blossoms on Capitol Hill are, hands down, my favorite part of spring in SLC. I'm so glad your trip was while they were in bloom!


  2. wow what a jawdropping photo background! The mountains and everything too! That is a view we never ever ever see in Florida haha


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