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Friday, September 11, 2015

CPK Date Night In

This post is sponsored by California Pizza Kitchen Oven-Ready, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

Date Info: 
Dinner and movie in! 
Price: $7-$20 
Location: Comfort of your own home 

I knew things would change once we had a baby, and many more at-home date nights would be happening. We've had plans for this and are excited for some new blog series in the coming months when baby Whiting makes his appearance. What I didn't know is that pregnancy would change dating too, and there would be many nights I'd need to put my feet up, have a calmer night in, and find the perfect pairing for a date night at home. Oven-Ready pizza that feels like we're out at a restaurant paired with an excellent movie is hitting the spot many weekends these days! 

I'm so glad that we can get the California Pizza Kitchen-inspired food experience at home. The oven-ready hand tossed style crust with BBQ Recipe Chicken with Bacon flavor makes us feel like we're out at CPK, but without the weird propping of feet in public. 

I love that this helps a night in feel less ordinary, and a little more exciting! A delicious dinner paired with a thought-provoking movie and a deep conversation about history and admirable figures equals the perfect pairing for a romantic, and relaxing date night at home! 

Discover more at CPKFrozen.com to learn more about CPK’s new products and pairing ideas.

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  1. This sounds like an awesome night in! I LOVE CPK, it's so good xx,kenz


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