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Friday, May 06, 2016

Roller Skating Date Night

Date Info: 
Roller Skating 
Price: Free with a Pogo Pass- minus skate rental 
*Use promo code FRIDAY to get one for $40 which includes tons of venues, and tons of dates!
Location: Skateland- Mesa, AZ 

Sometimes the best dates are the ones that take you back to junior high nostalgia.

Neither of us have ever been on an actual date roller skating before, which made it all the more fun! Spoiler alert, it's much more fun when you actually like the boy who asks you to skate with him and you may actually want to hold his hand!

I'm just glad he puts up with my crazy ideas and shenanigans after all these years.


And that no matter where we go or what we do we still laugh our heads off! 

I also love that this date was free with our Pogo Pass- we only had to pay for skate rentals! They are offering Friday We're in Love readers an awesome deal where you get the $100 pass for $40 with our promo code!
Pogo Pass Promo Code: FRIDAY
And just to be totally upfront, we get a small affiliate commission if you use our code, so we won't be sad if you chose to hook yourself up with it either ;)


  1. gosh the pics are so darn cute. It looks like you had an amazing time.

    I only wish that I could roller skate so much better than I do. I'm either a giraffe on roller skates or cow on roller skates, neither one paint a pretty picture.

    But every time I have done it, it's been really a lot of fun.

    Even though I may have had a ton of bruises to prove that I went roller skating.

  2. So cute and fun! I have manyyyy a memories at the local rink but I know if I tried to do it now I would bust butt soooo hard. Lol


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